Monday, April 19, 2010


dear blog,

it is currently 4:05 in the a.m.


i can NOT believe that i am up this late... i guess i did take a mega-nap today (or yesterday, depending on how you look at it), (hence the not being able to sleep) but i have a feeling that my TWO finals that i have to take tomorrow (or today) are going to majorly suck.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

locks of love

dear blog,

i've been thinking about donating my hair, but i am really nervous.
i mean, it needs to be cut anyways, i might as well just go a couple inches shorter and then let it grow right?

this is a picture of how long it is. this was taken a month ago:what do you think?
should i do it?


Monday, April 12, 2010

another din-din with the dowds

dear blog,

last night at dinner we were talking about Castle and what the new episode was about.

nickie is all, "tom bergeron is in it and he dies!"
rochelle: "what the? who on earth is tom bergeron?"
nickie: "that's the guy who hosts dancing with the stars. duh"
dad: "and america's funniest home videos and..."
rochelle: "i get the point. how the heck do you guys know his name?!"
nickie: "he says it like every week."
dad: "do you know what the name of the other host on dancing with the stars is?"
rochelle: "are you being serious?"
mom: "several random names"
dad: "actual name"
nickie: "melissa rycroft did it the other week"
mom: "didn't posh spice do it once?"
rochelle: "she was on dancing with the stars?"
maddie: "no, it was the black one."
carly: "baby spice?"
rochelle: "no way!"
mom: "sporty spice."
rochelle: "sporty spice? or was it scary? no, it's definitely sporty."

richie and a completely serious tone "it's scary spice. you guys are idiots."


i sure love this silly silly family of mine.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter lovin'

dear blog,

conference was so beyond perfect. i don't think i have ever gotten so much out of gc before. i really have a renewed desire to be better.

also, easter sunday was simply lovely. we had a guest called harriet faith jewson- what a delight! here are some pictures of our crazy/beautiful afternoon!

cuuute girlies:

i'm silly:

dog pile!:

nice beret?


p.s. it was april fools last week... i tied a rubberband around the kitchen sprayer and when nickie turned on the sink she got sprayed!! bahahahahha, gotcha!
p.p.s. the easter bunny brought me pony-holders and TWO rip-rolls! i guess i've been good this year!