Saturday, October 30, 2010


dear blog,

tomorrow is halloween.

yesterday we were old ladies.
today i am a french lady? maybe. i'm not sure.

my grampa got married this morning. it was lovely. and i made A LOT of slushy punch.
i love my family.
so much.
(by family i mean family family and my "crew" (as labeled by malfoy)).

happy halloween!


p.s. we went to TWO haunted houses last night! i was so proud of myself! the first one was just plain HILARIOUS (seriously, i laughed the ENTIRE time) and the second was AWESOME. my throat hurt after from screaming, lauren held my sweater the whole time, and caleb got so scared that he cried (okay, that's not true, but he did get so startled that he jumped backwards and knocked over a wall).

Friday, October 22, 2010

pumpkin & spice and everything nice

dearest bloggity blog,

two things:
but seriously, i don't think you know how excited i am.
(buuuut, i'm still trying not to get my hopes TOO high up AND we have A LOT to do before party time can commence)

2. tonight me and my posse (did i really just use that word?) had a pumpkin carving FIESTA.
seriously? it was so fabulous.
we took the table out of the kitchen and covered the floor in newspaper and all sat around on the floor and carved and chatted and chatted and carved.
and laughed.
i love my friends
and i love that they love eachother.
the pumpkins turned out SO GOOD! harriet and lola made faces. eric wrote "happy halloween" in chinese, caleb made hagrid--gangster status, richie made his spirit animal (don't ask), brooks made a nike design (that took the ENTIRE night...ADD anyone?), i made a flower garden (roy was late so he carved a fabulous sun on the back side of my punkin) (pictures to come).
then we baked the seeds and there were DELISH.
sigh. it was so wonderful.

not to mention i think i ACED my complex organizations test today, AND we saw grace at costa vida!
tomorrow is going to be SO INSANE. i have another test, work, and then prepping for our awesome dance party. wish me luck!

love love love,

Friday, October 15, 2010

campaign for real beauty: some things i like about myself.

dear blog,

they are doing a campaign for real beauty at BYU this week. my friend jessica is participating and i think megan is too. one of the "challenges" was to write about the following prompt and jessica did and i really liked it. i have 45 minutes before my next class, and no last minute hw to do so i figured i'd give it a try.

Prompt: Make a list of 10 positive things you like about yourself that have nothing to do with your appearance- and 10 positive things you like about your appearance. Was it easier to come up with things you like about yourself or things about your appearance?

1. i like that i know a lot of people and get along with most anyone.
2. i like that i can be crazy and quirky and also semi-serious, but not super serious. i like that.
3. i like that i can be friends with people of any age.
4. i like that i am conscientious.
5. i like that i didn't need to spell check conscientious.
6. i like that i can form my own opinions about things.
7. i like that (most) people feel comfortable around me.
8. i like that i am flirty (sometimes).
9. i like that i don't take myself or anyone too seriously.
10. i like that i can see beauty in everyday.

1. i love my hair.
2. i like my smile.
3. i like the freckles on the back of my hands.
4. i like that when i get a sunburn it turns into a tan the next day. (except that one time in mexico when i got burned so badly my shoulders blistered).
5. i like that i am tall.
6. i like that i don't have to shower everyday. (as in i don't get super greasy hair or B.O...i don't think...)
7. i like the way i dress.
8. i like my boobs. (am i allowed to say that?)
9. i'm learning to like my double chin.
10. i like my eyes, especially when i smile or cry.

it was definitely easier to come up with things that i like about my personality. when it comes to outward, physical beauty, i generally like the way i look, but i definitely do not think that i am the most beautiful person. i have flaws, physical and otherwise. i also tend to place more import on inward rather than outward beauty. when i like boys its usually because they make me laugh or i think they are super nice, not because they have a rockin bod. i feel the same way about myself. yes, i try to be cute and i don't like to feel ugly, but when i look at myself its the inner beauty that i prize over the outer beauty.


p.s. it's been kind of picture light the last couple posts. here's one just for you.
p.p.s. off to CA for the weekend! olivia's getting baptized! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

rainy days and mondays.

dear blog,

you know that carpenter's song? rainy days and mondays always get me down. which is not entirely true. i really like the song though. but today is rainy and i am also down. i am trying to be positive though, so here are some positive things from today:

richie drove me to school so i could be on time
i got an A on the test i turned in.
there was a quiz in my class on the half of the reading that i actually did.
i got out of class early.
there was no line at subway and i got a footlong turkey samwich for the $5 footlong price! what?!
then i ran into camille who is going to uruguay where jessica is! i love jessica so much!
i also got to see erik AND caleb!
then in my other class there was no quiz and i thought there would be!
then i visited caleb at work.
plus i had some peanut butter m&m's. is there anything better than that?
and wendy gave me a hug.
plus i will get a free dinner.
and i get to walk down hill instead of up hill today.

i think if i was in a better mood today would have been so fabulous, but i am just down.
here's to a better tomorrow.