Tuesday, July 27, 2010

6: jessica callahan

dear blog,

meet jessica:
she is so beautiful!

i met jessica the summer i was a CA in helaman halls. that summer was a tough one for me, and at the start of the summer i wanted nothing to do with any of my co-workers, but one night i fell asleep in jessica's room and wouldn't wake up and ever since then we've been best friends (well, we were pseudo best friends at first until we had a dtr). jessica and i are kindred spirits. we are randomly from the same place (pretty much) in CA, and have the same taste in music, movies & clothes (for the most part), not to mention we pass ourselves off as sisters ALLTHETIME. but i feel like even if we didn't have so much in common i would still love jessica.

for starters, jessica is hilarious. my dad says that anyone can be silly, but it takes someone really smart to be truly funny, and jessica certainly is smart AND funny. i love how jessica can make everyone laugh. another thing that i really admire about jessica is that she has this unifying quality. i don't really know what it is, but jessica has a gift where she can be a part of any group and that group automatically unifies. like she is the icebreaker, or something. i don't know, but i love it, and i wish i could be more like that. also, jessica is a very loyal friend. when jessica enters into a friendship, there is a silent understanding that it is for life. i LOVE that. i feel like most people take their friendships for granted, but jessica is the best at loving and appreciating her friends. i can talk to jessica about ANYTHING and she is always understanding. also, jessica is really eccentric. she is interesting. she is unique. and what i love most about jessica, and what most people probably don't know (and maybe she'll be mad at me for saying this), is that she has been through A LOT. i know few young people who have been through as many trials in their lifetime as jessica, and have lived to tell the tale. but jessica has been through so much and is not only surviving but thriving. she has learned from them and become a strong beautiful woman despite all of the stuff that's happened to her. i love jessica like a sister & am SO LUCKY to have her as a friend.

us at the festival of colors:

us with beca... i think this was my birthday:

sleepoverrr with the other CA's:

haha "toga" party/olympics:

us being weird at rock canyon park:

slip and sliding in the sprinklers funnn:


p.s. you should read jessica's blog because she is also a very talented blogger.

Friday, July 23, 2010

world record holder: moi

dear blog,

this is what i did this morning:
(skip to :40 seconds)


richie came with me and we stood at the front and we pretty much got dominated by water balloons. the fight lasted about 6 minutes and i probably just stood and ducked my head for the first half. i was COMPLETELY SOAKED. my battle wounds include MANY bruises, a sick blister and a weird sunburn. but it was a blast. we got free lunch and free shirts AND we broke the world record for largest water balloon fight & biggest amount of water balloons!! how cool is that???


Monday, July 19, 2010

5: nicole

dear blog,

here is my dear sister nickie:

the other day she told me that my blog is depressing because every time i talk about her it's either about her sarcasm or about how i've teased her in one way or another. what can i say? she is just TOO fun to tease, i can't help myself :)

anyways, nickie is awesome.

nickie has this "reputation" of being sarcastic and kinda grouchy, but she is probably nicer than anyone in our entire family. she is just really genuine. if she doesn't like you, you know it. if she does like you, you know it. if she thinks you're annoying, you know it. this is one quality of nickie that i really like. she is frank. no sugar-coating. you get her opinion and you get it straight up, good or bad. 

another thing that i love about nicole is that her life is so service oriented. seriously, nickie does service more regularly than anyone. whether its doing the laundry, or free babysitting, or doing me a favor, or doing something for a friend, or fulfilling her church calling, it is seriously a daily thing for nickie. she's awesome.

nickie is also an AWESOME singer. not only does she know the lyrics to every single song she's ever heard, but she made the show & chamber choir (is that what its called) at her school, which is the most "prestigious," hard to get into choir! she is a rockstar (and not just figuratively). 

she is also a reallllllyyy good sport. we've picked on nickie her whole life-- typical middle child status. we've told her everything & she almost ALWAYS believes us. like the one time we convinced her that she was adopted. or the one time we told her that you actually go off the waterfall on the matterhorn at disneyland. or that one time i made a shake out of every condiment in the fridge plus soap and stuff and nickie drank it. i am actually surprised/impressed that nickie still loves us. 

so nickie is awesome. and despite our differences and quarreling, i still love her more than anything. she is the best! and she is such an awesome example for me of how to be your own person, how to not care what other people think about you, of doing selfless service & of embracing your talents.

love you girl!

here are some photos proving her awesomeness:

carly in mom's wedding dress & nickie in mom's bridesmaid dress

all of us on the only easter we ever matched

we play this game where i try to take pictures of her on my phone... this is the result.

nickie with the puppies!

she's so cute!

this picture is gross of me, but its the only one i could find of the 2 of us.

bahahahha wearing a weird mask.

dressed as audrey for halloween.

i made nickie laugh so hard she cried.

"gramma, act like a gangster!"


Saturday, July 17, 2010


dear blog,

this is oprah winfrey:

if you didn't know that... you've been living in a cave for the last 30 years. welcome to the world, oprah's in control.
i have extremely mixed feelings about oprah.

first of all, i kind of want to be her when i grow up. not HER her, but i love that she has a bajillion dollars and just gives stuff away to people. i love that she cares about issues and tries to "inspire" people to be better.

i think that she is SO WRONG about SO MANY THINGS. which is fine, i guess, whatever. BUT... EVERYONE worships her! seriously though? its like oprah is the end all be all. whatever oprah says MUST be truth because oprah said it! she has all theses "experts" come on her show to reinforce her bogus views. i'm sure that she is a nice person, and, like i said, i admire her success, but it scares me how much power she has! OPRAH IS THE ANTI-CHRIST. (okay, that's a little extreme.) but the other day her show was on and she was interviewing the twilight cast and she was talking to taylor lautner and she was teasing him about never having smoked or drank or done any kind of drug ever. and he was like "nope, i'm clean" and she kept asking him about it as if it was impossible for a 17 year old young person (is that how old he is?) to have not participated in substance abuse. not to mention that she is like bff's with obama, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. oprah has SOOOO much power, and she is not even questioned. people just believe what she says NO MATTER WHAT. also, oprah hates Mormons because apparently we are all members of an intolerant, racist gay-hating cult.

anyways, thats just a little somethin somethin that drives me up the wall.


Friday, July 9, 2010


dear blog,

things on my mind:
-vegetables, specifically cauliflower and how surprisingly delicious it is.
-the warm water at the beautiful beach at progeso.
-i love my nighty. nightie? nightie.
-i want to play basketball.
-wedding announcements.
-mission papers!
-carmen and her baby! and how i NEEED to call her.
-the sisterhood.
-high school.
-i want to go to washington soooo baaaad. and i think i actually might if my padres will let me...
-i love when its so hot in the car that your knee pits start sweating.
-i also love seeing friends after you haven't seen them.
-i also love my dogs.


p.s. also i've been thinking about how stupid/weird it is when people ignore you all the time, which to me sends off the signal "let's not be friends," but then randomly sometimes they'll be like "let's hang out!" or "i miss you" or "you're awesome, i like hanging out with you!" and its not just one person that does this either... i just don't get it. whatevs!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


dear blog,

i'm sick :(

BUT my mom made me chicken soup (not from a can, she straight up made it- and it was divine).
and i am watching anne of green gables.
and i have my room to myself.
and i don't have to go into work in the morning.

so nyquil, you can kick in... NOW.

happy holiday?

p.s. this 4th of july felt less like the 4th of july than when i was out of the country last year. weird? weird.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

vandalism sucks

dear blog,

i don't know if i've ever told you this story, but last Christmas, Harriet invited me to come to this party in alpine. so we drove up there and long story short, the party sucked and neither of us were in a very chipper mood when we left. so we go out to the car and some miscreant had squirted an unknown substance in the crease of the driver's side door. it was sticky and gooey and, as it was december, it was frozen.

i. was. livid.

it got all over my hands and in my hair and it wouldnt come off and we couldn't figure out what it was. we even went through a car wash and it did absolutely nothing. it took us the whole drive from alpine to my casa to figure out that it was HONEY and it was DISGUSTING. we stopped at home to clean it off mostly and then i made richie come with me so i didnt murder anybody. (seriously, that is how angry i was) (okay, maybe that's a little extreme). on the drive from my house to p-town, richie was telling us about some supposedly "harmless" stupid high school vandalism that he had done and i got even angrier. i was so close to kicking him out of the car and making him walk the 10+ miles home--no joke.


tonight someone threw VOMIT on our porch and front door and egged my daddy's car. SERIOUSLY. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME . that is BEYOND DISGUSTING, not to mention completely illegal and downright cruel. my poor parents, instead of spending the night with their daughter who's leaving for a month tomorrow night, had to clean up an ANONYMOUS person's BODILY FLUIDS from off of our HOME. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

why on EARTH would someone do that? what did anyone that lives here ever do to you that would warrant that? besides, even if we have wronged you, why can't you just deal with it, or address it calmly and  rationally like a normal human being (says girl writing angry "i hate vandals" blog post).
okay, but honestly? that is so gross.
and now i feel like i can't leave my house without a rain poncho on and a loaded gun. (also a little extreme, but that's what happens when you are the victim of a HATE CRIME!!)

i hate vandals,