Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jeffrey Johnson

jeffrey johnson is such a beautiful person. this is why i like him:

1. he likes to play.

2. he will listen to my opinion and share his.

3. he will wear women's clothes.

4. he see's me and will stop to talk.

5. he can sing.

6. he doesn't judge me for being silly and weird.

7. he'll make sunday dinner with me.

8. he doesn't get all uncomfortable when we talk about uncomfortable things.

9. he will come over to visit me.


11. he will help me with french, and not make fun of my accent.

12. we talk about things that we hate.

13. it doesn't bother him if i make inappropriate jokes.

the list keeps going. forever.
such a cutie

a longgg weekend.

so this weekend was a three day weekend. it was beautiful. i did absolutely ZERO homework. what did i do?
1. i watched psych and monk with the fam at fredi's. classic friday night activity.
2. went to Kam and Alyssa and Burke and co.'s soccer game. fun.
3. i went with kam and mar to kayleen's cousin's house in orem. COOLEST HOUSE EVER.
4. slept at home.
5. church ball game. my sisters dominated.
6. richie's junior jazz game. funnest basketball game i have ever been to.
7. i tie-dyed shirts for the first time for our intramural bball team. they turned out sooo siiiick.
8. two words: hot springs. (martha kamry sam jeffy mack)
9. church
11. laughing.
12. from cumorah's hill.
13. home.
14. chocolate party.
15. color me mine.
16. old navy con jessica.
17. discussion.
18. power tumbling.
19. wendy's with marty.
20. more discussion.

i had so much fun/did so many things that were extremely relaxing.

now, a preview of my crazy week: p.s. i'm scared...

tuesday: school + staff meeting + broom hockey + all my french homework due tomorrow
wednesday: school + my basketball game + roving + byu basketball game + french test today or tomorrow.
thursday: school + physical science lab (barf) + moa with jessica + indexing party + french test probably today because i didn't do it yesterday.
friday: school + my cleaning check + ice skating with carly (probably)
saturday: cleaning checks all. day. long. + laser tag

phewph. it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

brown paper packages tied up with strings...

i got 2 packages in the last 2 days!!! ok, ok, so i sent them to myself, and i know that is lame, but don't judge. i haven't been getting very much real mail lately, so i bought some stuff online just to fill the void. guess what... it didn't work. now, i have more clothes than i had before (an unnecessary amount,) the guilt of spending money on them that i didn't really have to spare, and an ever-expanding mail void that apparantly can only be filled by honest-to-goodness real mail.

story of my life.