Friday, December 16, 2011


dear blog,
yesterday was so lovely. i haven't had a great thursday in awhile. but it was full of happy memories and good friends.
also, we told santa what we want, so I should be good to go. Becca asked him for a boyfriend though... you should have seen his face!!! CLASSIC.
p.s. I'm so excited for christmas.
p.p.s I wrote this on my new smarty phone... booyaw!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

MOST embarrassing moment

dear blog,

so, you know when someone asks you what your most embarrassing moment is? well, i have never really been able to think of one. it's not like i don't get embarrassed. i think it's more like i get embarrassed so often that i easily forget about so it's hard for me to categorize any one of these moments as the "most" embarrassing... until last friday night. i experienced one of those "most" embarrassing moments, and let me tell you it was NOT GOOD.

here's what happened:

i was going to babysit for the wrights at 4:45 on friday night. i wasn't feeling super great, but i thought i was just tired and hangry. my mom was like "don't you think you should cancel?" and i was like "no way, i'm totally fine." plus, janae had called me just a little while earlier to confirm. so my mom drops me off (because the blue car is still not working and she needed the car to take carly somewhere) and i start walking up the stairs to their front door. as i'm knocking on the door i'm thinking "okay, as long as i just relax, i will be okay." so i walk inside their front room and she was telling me the plan and all of a sudden it was like if i opened my mouth at all i was gonna hurl. so i awkwardly nodded to everything she was saying as i tried to think of a way i could escape the inevitable. well, there was no way. she walked into the other room for a second and i let it rip. i puked. vomited. ralphed. blew chunks. THREW UP. all over their front room.... it was mortifying. and then i had to call my mom to come back and pick me up. it was pretty bad. as in there was regurgitated costa vida salad all over the walls and the carpet and a lamp and a door and underneath the door and on my coat, my shoes, my bag, my sweater and my shirt. but my mommy cleaned it up and then we went home and i spent the next twelve hours puking my guts out. but in all seriousness, i have NEVER been so humiliated in my ENTIRE LIFE. they were actually really nice about it, but on the drive home i sobbed like i have never sobbed before (and if you know me, this is A LOT.)

so, there it is folks, my MOST embarrassing moment. and i sure hope that you never have to experience anything so humiliating.

abashedly yours,

p.s. a few things i've learned? 1. mom always knows best. 2. it's probably good to err on the side of caution and 3. i feel like sharing this story will make people uncomfortable ergo displacing some of my discomfort. thanks for the load off, friends!