Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nickie's HOME!!!

Dear blog,

My beloved sister, Nicole, returned home from her mission yesterday!! It was a joyous reunion and it's so wonderful how normal it is to have her back. Our family was a little empty without her big personality and now we're complete! Also she met that Joshy boy for the first time and I was really expecting the worst but they already love each other so much. I'm so excited for her to be back!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Camren Jay Larsen

Dear blog,

On Oct. 29th my good friend, Camren, died. It was super unexpected and they still don't have the autopsy results back so they don't know what happened yet. Camren is a wonderful soul and I miss him all the time. I have been wanting to write about him but nothing feels meaningful enough. How do you sum up the value of one person's entire life in one meager blog post? I've decided that you just can't but I still want to remember him. I want to remember the first time I met him at the Dairy Queen that one time when we changed that sign and he told us that he likes Ray Bradbury and I thought he was the coolest person I'd ever met. And how he would take forevvverrrrr to tell stories. And I want to remember how he was a really supportive friend and he would come to every party I invited him to and he would even watch the bachelor with us (and don't let anyone tell you he didn't love it!) I want to remember how I invited him to every family vacation and he would just giggle. I want to remember the last times we hung out like at comedy sports when he suggested they use the question "what is it about a man in uniform?" and then the very next time they asked for a suggestion he suggested, "what is it about a man in unicorn?" And I want to remember his green reeboks and his greasy hair and his plaid shirts and coke bottle glasses. I want to remember how when we would go camping he would always sleep outside and he wouldn't change his clothes the whole time. And that one time we hiked to those stupid hot springs and he was so kind and patient to walk and talk with me when I was scared and grumpy. Or how he would always just listen as I would talk talk talk about work and love and life. And I want to remember how every time after we would leave his house I'd say "Wait, do I have a crush on Cam??" I want to remember the gaping hole that is there when we all hang out together. I want to remember how confused and sad that I feel. I want to remember how much I miss him and I want to remember how much I love him (which is a lot.)

Sure love you, Cam.
Love, Rochelle