Monday, September 14, 2009

a grandfatherly friday

dear blog,

i never have class or work on fridays, so this last friday i decided to call up my grandpa turley who lives in salt lake, and see if i could go visit him. when we talked on the phone, it was so cute! he sounded so excited and started making all sorts of plans and it was just too darn cute. and so friday i drove up there with my daddy and dropped him off at work and then went over to granpa's. we just walked over to the church history museum through temple square and then visited the museum. it was quite lovely and we were there for a long time, but i loved it! then we went to the top of the joseph smith memorial building and ate lunch. then we went back to his condo and i just took a nap before it was time to go get my daddy again.

basically... this story sounds prettty boring, but basically... it was the best day ever!

my grandpa is such an amazing person! it was fun just walking around with him because he knew like every other old person we walked by and it was just the greatest. plus, he is so much fun and has so many good stories.

te quiero abuelito!


p.s. when i was driving downtown to my grandpa's house, i totally saw russell m. nelson crossing the street!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 things about 9/9/09

dear blog,

it's the ninth day of the ninth month of the two-thousand and ninth year. woo hoo

in honor of this day, here are nine things about me you may or may not have known...

1. i bite my nails.
2. i sing really loudly and badly in the car. always.
3. i like dogs. but pretty much hate most other animals.
4. i got a C minus in my first sociology class and yet... i'm a sociology major.
5. i love all seasons.
6. sneezing is probably one of my FAVORITE things.
7. i love old people so so SO much. seriously... its kind of weird.
8. yesterday i made 21 free throws (almost) in a row.
9. laughing is probably my most favorite thing.


p.s. i wish i posted this at 9:09 p.m. (and nine seconds)
p.p.s. i saw matthew maddox today. here is an old picture for old times sake. haha (also, there are nine of us)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


dear blog,

i was looking through my pictures on facebook, and i realized that i really did a whole lot this summer-- even besides the whole mexico-adventure-of-a-lifetime bit.
here is a list of all the stuff i remember... (not in necessarily in order)
1. moved back home
2. rodeo
3. picked up some british lingo
4. stake dance in lehi haha
5. MY stake dance with harriet, elise, bob and chris... and 7 other people. best. dance. ever.
6. crazy night in bob's truck.
7. ben's visit/ burger supreme.
8. mission farewell(s)
9. california
10. disneyland/california adventure!
11. visit ellen at UCLA
12. family time.
13. blair and matt's wedding.
14. tricia's wedding
15. western watts. never. again.
16. mexico.
17. HARRY POTTER (twice... english and spanish)
18. learned some german in mexcio (barbara hahn!)
19. bowling.
20. NERTZ (mexico and not)
21. fun with sam lyman and girls at my favorite park.
22. kennecot copper mine.
23. my first experience with a family death.
24. dinners with carly hyatt.
25. temple square.
26. father's day at grandpa's
27. bountiful temple
28. walmart runs
29. transformers
30. beeeeacccccchhh.
31. lot's of visits with grandpa.
32. scripture fireside at church history museum!!!
33. lot's of maddie's basketball games.
34. taylor and courtney
35. volleyball
36. swimming
37. np second ward!
38. in n' out!
39. bonfire (s)
40. meteor shower
also... i'm sure theres more... and considering i was only in utah for like a total of two months i feel like that is a whole bunch!
what an AMAZING summer!

here are some pictures :) enjoy.








p.s. i already mentioned some of these things in a previous blog.... oh well.