Wednesday, December 30, 2009


dear blog,

remember when i vowed to write more than 5 posts in a month? well...


this is big old post numero seis.

best new year wishes from me to you!

all my love,

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


dear blog,

my friend posted this website on her facebook. according to itself, " will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything!"

so i entered in my name and these are my favorite results:

rochelle is 3 star accredited.
rochelle is a cute little girl in haiti who is waiting for her forever family.
rochelle is a master at motivating her clients to go far beyond what they think is possible and accomplishing more.
rochelle is a favorite of many students.
rochelle is sincerely concerned about making her customers look and feel good.
rochelle is the 443rd most popular female first name in the united states.
rochelle is nicknamed the "hub city" for many reasons.
rochelle is also easily accessible.
rochelle is a jazz singer and story teller combined into one.
rochelle is a treasured jewel within westchester county.
rochelle is from california and is in 6th grade.
rochelle is a very sociable young lady.
rochelle is famous for its warm and sunny climate.
rochelle is a member of the webring's romance reading ring.
rochelle is my best friend.
rochelle is the queen of firsts when it comes to nazareth basketball.
rochelle is now 78 years old.
rochelle is 5'7" and weighs about 125 lbs.
rochelle is a graduate of hebrew union college, jewish institute of religion.
rochelle is anything but boring rock.
rochelle is very sad and her parents wont accept the idea of having their only daugher with cancer.
rochelle is a hellwoman.
rochelle is a veteran democratic senator from lebanon.
rochelle is fifteen year old and volunteering as a counselor.
rochelle is an alternative rock band from san diego.

thanks for that assessment googlism.


Monday, December 28, 2009

abe lincoln

dear blog,

i taught primary on sunday and during sharing time sister miller was teaching and she had these two little wedding teddy bears. the girl had a veil and the boy had a top hat and she pulled them out and said "the girl bear is getting married..." and a little boy in the front row yells "TO ABRAHAM LINCOLN!!"

needless to say, it was HILARIOUS.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

happy belated birthday Jesus

dear blog,

don't you think it's kind of funny that we celebrate the birth of Christ in winter when he was really born in spring?

it reminds me of that one time when we had a birthday party for nickie in november but her birthday is really in march.

just sayin.


Thursday, December 10, 2009


dear blog,

why is it that everyone hates the cold and the snow?

(granted, there are definitely downsides, all of which lead to death, but that's not even a big deal)

anyways, i think that it is simply wonderful when it snows.
when the snow covers up EVERYTHING like a blanket, it's so miraculous!
seriously though, everytime it snows, i can't help but think about how amazing it is that something could naturally do that. its SO COOL!

snow is also good because it provides multiple means of free entertainment.
such as:
watching people slip and fall outside
watching people slip and fall inside
watching people wear weird cold-weather attire
snow ball fighting (not on BYU campus of course)
snow man making
snow shoveling (don't even ask me why i like to do this, because i don't even know)
snow angel making
doing donuts
sitting inside and watching the snow fall
watching christmas movies
hot chocolate
seeing your breath outside
seeing your breath inside the car
shattering icicles
kicking the snow off the space between your tires and your breaks
making fresh tracks in warm boots

i mean honestly, the list could continue, but the moral of the story is snow is wonderful, and i think you should deal with it.


Friday, December 4, 2009

LG Rumor 2

dear blog,
omgoodness. i TOTALLY got a new phone this week. here's a sweet pic :)

Needless to say it's superawesome.

love, rochelle

p.s. it was FREE.

p.p.s nickie picked the exact same model in the exact same color and put the exact same cover on it. not a big deal, except it kind of is :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

i'm grateful for...

dearest blog,

i am grateful for....

awesome uncles who take you to disneyland:
a building full of AMAZING girls:a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson:
my dear sweet grandma and her legacy:
pulling pranks in the middle of the night:
clouds, or i guess more importantly, having my eyes opened to the world:
my Savior, Jesus Christ, and how he always knows best:
my brother and my sisters, and the fact that we are ridiculous:
scriptures and testimony building experiences:
my puuuupppieeeeesss:
um... its a long story, but basically jessica casebolt and silly traditions:
mexico and my summer familia:
jessica rae callahan:
my besties:
harriet faith hewson:
courtney and taylor and amy:
my parents: (if you were wondering why i'm weird...)
beach/mis hermanas mexicanas:

Friday, November 20, 2009

in the spirit of thanksgiving

dear blog,

love this, SO MUCH:


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new record

dearest blog,

i noticed that in the last year i have not posted more than five times in one month. GOAL: post more than five in a month before the end of the year. yay!

basically i have a bunch of random happy thoughts. ready?

maddie got a yw handout with that quote by eleanor roosevelt "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent" but courtney read it and wrote in expo marker on our mirror "no one can infuriate you without your consent" and every time i read it i giggle.

sunday night we had sunday dinner at amy's house and court was talking about how she's learning all sorts of American history in school. she started to say the preamble, and every single member of my family broke out into song singing the school house rock preamble song and it was just like out of a musical and it was basically the best thing EVER. and no one even stopped until it was over. and there may or may not have been dance moves and harmonizing involved.

today just around campus i saw a million people i know. (smile!)

humor u auditions and jessica callahan ROCKED IT.

i got a letter from ben this week!

1. a sleepover on friday and 2. driving home from a sleepover... we were flirting with these cowboys in the next car and then they MOONED us. (p.s. this is NOT happy, but it was funny even though i am scarred)

new moon premiere tomorrow with some of my favorite ladies! (don't be hating because i like "twilight: the saga")

tomorrow is my last day of classes for ELEVEN DAYS! plus, i have all sorts of reunion plans this weekend and i am super excited!

love love love,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

driving miss daisy

dear blog,

sorry it's been a little while since i've written.

it's probably because nothing exciting happens to me lately. or if it does, i don't feel like sharing it with the internet, BUT, the following is an account that is sharable.

let's start with a beautiful picture of a '93 buick century, which is in fact the car that i drive lately:
so... the other day, October 22, the day before my birthday, to be precise, i had an intramural soccer game. nothing too great. actually, the other team forfeitted, so we were just playing for "fun," but in reality it was not fun at all. they were really ruthless and mean. and i was the goalie like always, and i'm pretty sure they scored 800 goals on me, and that does NOTHING for a girl's self-esteem. so after the game finished i was supposed to go out with mckenzie and friends for birthday dessert and fun, but i really was just NOT in the mood. i was gross and grouchy and jessica didn't feel good, so after hanging around and talking to colson for a bit (who was there to scout out girls for his co-ed winter soccer team--RIDIC) we decided that we would just go see harry potter at the dollar movie and we left.

we were going down bulldog heading west. we were almost to university and i was going to turn right, but there was a super long line of cars waiting to turn right and no one in the other lanes, so i decided i would go straight instead. the light was green so i was just truckin along and someone from the line of cars stopped to let a lady from the panda parking lot out. so, as i was going, jessica starts yelling "watch out!!" and i didn't even see this lady until it was too late!

it was so weird how life just moved in slow motion.
it was totally surreal.

i slammed on my breaks, but it was too late. she pulled out into my lane and SLAM right into the front right side of my car. it was kind of funny actually. i didn't really know how to react. i just pulled into the panda parking lot and had jessica call the police.

the funny part was that my car only has a scratch on the side and she broke my blinker light, but thats all. and she was stuck in the middle of the road until the policeman came and her entire front bumper came off! ha! i feel like being "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!" but then, i feel really bad for her! if i was in an accident that I caused, i would be SO embarrassed! especially since she was like... old. anyways, jessica and i just stood in the parking lot for an hour filling out paperwork and waiting. it was actually kind of fun! i can't even explain to you why, but it was. it was so weird. and my car still totally works and everything! when we were leaving, i asked the police if i was going to get a ticket and he said no, and i asked if she was and he said no, because she said it wasn't her fault!!! WHAT?! whatever.

that was exciting enough right?

when stuff like this happens it makes me feel like a real adult dealing with real life problems. and to think it happened while i was still nineteen!! HA


p.s. her insurance called and told me they got the police report saying its her fault, and that they want to pay for the damages to MY car! yay!

Monday, October 26, 2009


dear blog,

so.... i am officially twenty years of age. my birthday was on friday. part of me is kind of weirded out that i have been alive for two entire DECADES. but, then another part of me already feels like i am way older than twenty anyways. it's not like there is anything i can do about it either way though. aging is part of life.

anyways, here are some highlites:

1. ingrid michaelson concert with jessica callahan last week (here are more details)
2. sweet birthday card and CD from kam and mar
3. peanutbutterchocolate goodness in staff meeting.
4. car accident.
5. funfetti cake and sweet yellow balloon from harriet
6. card, cake and flowers from becs
7. lunch at carrabba's with lauren and ho
8. sleepover and jessica casebolt, lanae and sarah. including...
9. pazooki YUM
10. hugs from random boys in king henry haha
11. sweet handheld fan
12. dinner with kelsi, martha, ali, kamry and boys at red robin
13. coconut cupcakes from mommy yummmy
14. yummy pasta dinner
15. candy board from carly
16. clothes and shoes from everyone
17. 100 notifications on facebook/phone calls/texts
18. cards in the mail from both grandparents and carl

overall i would say i'm pretty spoiled :)

anyways... my birthday really was happy.


p.s. i personally know 9 people with an october 23rd birthday... crazy huh?!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

sitting waiting wishing

Dear blog,

One time i went prom dress shopping with Kristie and Laura in high school and as we were waiting for the old worker lady to ring up the over-priced dress that Kristie was buying, i was talking about how
"i wish it was after graduation! actually... i wish i was already in california on my trip! actually... i wish i was already at BYU! blah blah blah"
and then the older lady turned to me and said

"don't do that young lady. don't go around wishing your life away because before you know it, you will have wished your whole life away and you will have nothing left."

at first i was just thinking "who does this lady think she is?"

but now, i am so grateful for the lesson that that sweet lady taught me that day.

i realized today that i am more than half way done with my time at school here. WHAT? that is SO crazy! it feels like only yesterday when i was wishing for what i have now, but now that i am here, i feel so scared.

i am 19 years old for heavens sake! how am i supposed to go out into the world and make my way for myself?
i am still so silly and stupid and naive.

but---- then again---- is anyone ever ready? is anyone ever REALLY mature?

i really don't think so.

i think that old lady in the dress shop probably still feels the same way. scared and immature and wishing in retrospect that she would have cherished her moments more instead of wishing for tomorrow.

i think that we are never really ready. we are never really mature.

sometimes, i think that grown-ups are just pretending to be all mature and whatever, and that everyone is a little bit silly and a little bit stupid and a little bit naive.

so... who care's if i'm nineteen? i sure don't. i wish... it was today. i'm ready for today, to cherish today, to learn from today, to use today to prepare for tomorrow...

bring it on world.


Monday, September 14, 2009

a grandfatherly friday

dear blog,

i never have class or work on fridays, so this last friday i decided to call up my grandpa turley who lives in salt lake, and see if i could go visit him. when we talked on the phone, it was so cute! he sounded so excited and started making all sorts of plans and it was just too darn cute. and so friday i drove up there with my daddy and dropped him off at work and then went over to granpa's. we just walked over to the church history museum through temple square and then visited the museum. it was quite lovely and we were there for a long time, but i loved it! then we went to the top of the joseph smith memorial building and ate lunch. then we went back to his condo and i just took a nap before it was time to go get my daddy again.

basically... this story sounds prettty boring, but basically... it was the best day ever!

my grandpa is such an amazing person! it was fun just walking around with him because he knew like every other old person we walked by and it was just the greatest. plus, he is so much fun and has so many good stories.

te quiero abuelito!


p.s. when i was driving downtown to my grandpa's house, i totally saw russell m. nelson crossing the street!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 things about 9/9/09

dear blog,

it's the ninth day of the ninth month of the two-thousand and ninth year. woo hoo

in honor of this day, here are nine things about me you may or may not have known...

1. i bite my nails.
2. i sing really loudly and badly in the car. always.
3. i like dogs. but pretty much hate most other animals.
4. i got a C minus in my first sociology class and yet... i'm a sociology major.
5. i love all seasons.
6. sneezing is probably one of my FAVORITE things.
7. i love old people so so SO much. seriously... its kind of weird.
8. yesterday i made 21 free throws (almost) in a row.
9. laughing is probably my most favorite thing.


p.s. i wish i posted this at 9:09 p.m. (and nine seconds)
p.p.s. i saw matthew maddox today. here is an old picture for old times sake. haha (also, there are nine of us)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


dear blog,

i was looking through my pictures on facebook, and i realized that i really did a whole lot this summer-- even besides the whole mexico-adventure-of-a-lifetime bit.
here is a list of all the stuff i remember... (not in necessarily in order)
1. moved back home
2. rodeo
3. picked up some british lingo
4. stake dance in lehi haha
5. MY stake dance with harriet, elise, bob and chris... and 7 other people. best. dance. ever.
6. crazy night in bob's truck.
7. ben's visit/ burger supreme.
8. mission farewell(s)
9. california
10. disneyland/california adventure!
11. visit ellen at UCLA
12. family time.
13. blair and matt's wedding.
14. tricia's wedding
15. western watts. never. again.
16. mexico.
17. HARRY POTTER (twice... english and spanish)
18. learned some german in mexcio (barbara hahn!)
19. bowling.
20. NERTZ (mexico and not)
21. fun with sam lyman and girls at my favorite park.
22. kennecot copper mine.
23. my first experience with a family death.
24. dinners with carly hyatt.
25. temple square.
26. father's day at grandpa's
27. bountiful temple
28. walmart runs
29. transformers
30. beeeeacccccchhh.
31. lot's of visits with grandpa.
32. scripture fireside at church history museum!!!
33. lot's of maddie's basketball games.
34. taylor and courtney
35. volleyball
36. swimming
37. np second ward!
38. in n' out!
39. bonfire (s)
40. meteor shower
also... i'm sure theres more... and considering i was only in utah for like a total of two months i feel like that is a whole bunch!
what an AMAZING summer!

here are some pictures :) enjoy.








p.s. i already mentioned some of these things in a previous blog.... oh well.

Friday, August 28, 2009

ma famille

dear blog,

do you know what i just LOOOVE?

when i come home and everyone is just thrilled and excited to see me. (p.s. this is not sarcastic)

yesterday i was in provo all day, (which is pretty much standard lately,) and my brother richie called me and was like
"rochelle, where are you"
and i was like
"in provo..."
and he was like
"come home"
and i was like
and he was like
"because i haven't seen you all week and i miss you."


and i was like
"wait, seriously? you don't need the car or anything"
and he was like
"yeah. i just want to hang out with you."
and i was like
"awwwww! okay i'll be home in an hour-ish"
and he was like
"oh... i have to go to bed then... but i'll wait up! i took a nap today!"
and i was like
"awwwww! okay, see you soon!"
and he was like
"can't wait!"

is that not cutest thing you have ever heard??

and then i came home and everyone was like "rochelle!!" and they came and hugged me and i just felt soooo loved!

and then richie was like "let's go for a drive" and so we were leaving and everyone was like "rochelle, where are you going??!!?"

it just made me feel so good.

it's days like yesterday, that make me happy i go to school so close to home.
it's days like yesterday, that make me so happy to be a part of my family.
it's days like yesterday, that make it worth it to live at home.

happy thursday :)


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Dear blog,

1. sorry i've neglected you.
2. i'm home from mexico.

it's strange being back. although i really wasn't there that long, i feel like i was. i was accustomed to my life there. it feels like it was a dream almost, just because my life here is pretty much the same as before i left.

i'm not the same, though.

i really think i changed a lot. i feel different. i look at the world differently.

anyways, the moral of the story is that my viaje was a amazing. i loved every minute of it. even the bad minutes... like when we missed our bus and had to walk more than an hour home at 1 in the morning. like when i was so utterly exhausted and cut my hand open on the fan in my room. like when it was 100 degrees and 100% humidity ALL THE TIME. like hormigas. like taking bus opcion 1 vs. opcion 2. like almost getting heat stroke (haha). like when every creepy old man in mexico decided that they loved me. and like when everyone i know thought that that was the best thing ever. i loved it all.

what did i learn?

sometimes the best way to be a member missionary is to just listen.
always being an example is so important.
don't be afraid to ask questions.
it is not always about me. (yeah, i have to learn this a lot)
pluuuus... a lot of other more "personal" things.
oh yeah, and spanish :)

here are some (and by some i mean un monton!) photographical highlights from my trip.

me and sarah vera at progreso

me, hilary, ellis, sarah and jessica at the school pool

amigos at katie's birthday

imelda, sarah, me and h at servicio

el grupo at the convent at izamal



icecream at motul
(i look like their mother...)

jorge aka the FAN MAN!

our clase
(we were laughing because my camera self timer made a funny noise)

in a ruin at uxmal... it was creeepy in there.


el templo! que bonito, no?

tacos yum

ice cream at COLON!

jessica and i at la playa in cancuuun!

going into the "dangerous" cenote.

emerging victorious from the dangerous cenote!


ariana! she's so adorable!


where is this... i don't even remember the name.

chichen itza! one of the 7 wonders of the world!

colson awaking from one of his many naps. BAHAHAHA
p.s. my parents are making me real life yucatecan food today, YUMMMMM!