Thursday, June 30, 2011

talking about blogging makes me feel like blogging

dear blog,

i don't have anything really particular to talk about today.


when my dad got home from church tonight we all sat around in the kitchen as a family and joked and laughed and it was the happiest loveliest memory.

nickie just said "ohmygosh, i want to cuddle with a wallaby!" what? weirdy.

also, our family best friend susie is in town this week! she is busy busy with her other friends, but at least we get to see her a little!

okay, i've had the worst worst sore throat that i've ever had and it has been so horrible i couldn't sleep. so last night i made my mom take me to the urgent care (i know you're thinking "what? this grown woman made her mom take her to the doctor?" and my response to you would be "you're just jealous.") so we crammed into the blue car (mom, susie, nickie, madd, carly and me) and after the doctor we went to the pharmacist where two eventful things happened: 1. the pharmacist was one of my residents and that made me feel proud/pathetic. (yeah, a weird combination of feelings, i know). and 2. while we were waiting for my perscription to get "filled" (it came in a pre-packaged box so i just don't see why we had to wait at least 15 minutes. W) we prank called carly's "boyfriend" (okay, the parentheses are getting a little out of hand BUT you did read that correctly, my youngest sister has a significant other before any of her older siblings, i'm learning that life is ironic that way). but anyways we prank called him and i pretended to be british and i pretended to be in crisis because my kitty cat died and he not only answered, he talked to me on the phone FOR TEN MINUTES. WHAT? AND he said i could call him back!? GET A LIFE! it was hilarious.

also, i "crafted" today with jamie and my sisters and it was fabulous.



p.s. i just spell-checked this and i kind of think its not working because i always type stuff wrong when i'm sleep-blogging.
p.p.s. i wrote this yesterday buuut it didn't work... so here you go.

Monday, June 20, 2011


dear blog,

i know it is late, and i should probably be sleeping seeing as i actually have to wake up tomorrow morning (don't judge me, blog!) but for some reason i am feeling incredibly blessed right now. i mean, the practical skeptic in me sees a million and one reasons that i have to not be grateful, but the glass-half-full optimist in me can't help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now (i'm a little conflicted, i know.) i've been thinking about writing a blog post about how i'm in search of a new best friend. now, don't get me wrong, i love all of my friends very very much and i have no desire to replace them, but it just so happens that they are either too too busy for me or don't live in an easily travelable distance. and i've been pretty lonely lately. but yesterday and today i have just been praying praying praying for a new friend, or someone to ease some of that devastating loneliness and the Lord answered my prayer. it wasn't like some awesome equally friendless handsome young man just showed up on my door step as desperate for a friend as i am (a girl can dream, right?) but it was the tender mercies, a well-given compliment, a caring phone call, an inquisitive text message, an evening with my sisters, an interested question from a stranger, that answered my lonely prayer.

so, thank you to the lovely best friends that i already have.


p.s. this is not a cry for help, rather it is a simple expression of gratitude.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day

dearest blog and dad,

happy father's day! i love my daddy and i always always have.

my dad has taught me so so so much.
he taught me how to shoot a basketball the right way.
he taught me to never end a sentence with a preposition.
he taught me to respect everyone.
he taught me what it means to really fulfill a church calling.
he taught me how to make really animated, goofy faces.
he taught me how to smile pretty.
he taught me how to drive and parallel park.
he taught me how to change a tire (however, this i completely forgot).
he taught me how to answer the phone correctly.
he taught me to love the beatles.
he taught me that everything tastes good with butter, salt and pepper.
he taught me how to be really funny.
he taught me how to take pictures of my feet.
he taught me how to sing.
he taught me that kids are people too.
he taught me that its important to share our talents.
he taught me how to work hard.
he taught me to dress modestly and appropriately.
he taught me how to cover a text book with a paper bag.
he taught me how awesome science fiction/fantasy film is.
he taught me how to discern right and wrong and how to make my own choices.
and still, everyday, i  learn more and more from this wonderful man. everyday i learn more about his love of the Savior, his love for my mom and for my family. i am so blessed and so grateful to have such a wonderful (albeit secretly silly) man as a father.

i sure love you, daddy!

your first born

being a goofball
my dad's the one on the right... also, this is my all-time favorite face that he makes.
i had a teacher in highschool that thought dad was polynesian... maybe because he likes to wear hawaiian shirts?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

dear blog,

okay, i know i write about sleep a lot, but i have been doing a lot of it lately, and i tend to blog right before or after sleeping, W. anyways, last night i slept backwards in my bed. as in my head was where my feet normally go and vice versa (harriet was so kind to point out that my head was touching where my gross feet germs are-- such a great reminder, don't you think?) and to be honest, i don't think that my bed has ever felt more comfortable. i don't even remember falling asleep and i didn't toss or turn once. heaven in mattress form. okay, i just spelled "mattress" wrong (i fixed it, okay? calm down) but i think that's a sign that i need to become better acquainted with the back of my eyelids.

here's to you the backwards side of my bed, cheers.


p.s. i couldn't think of a title for this post so i googled some stuff and i came a cross some very weird articles about sleep, but no worthwhile titles for this blog post. oh, well.
p.p.s. carly goes to burn survivor camp in the morning. they are going white water rafting, i'm so jealous! plus i'm gonna miss that little bugger!

Monday, June 13, 2011


dear blog,

so i don't spend a lot of time around cute boys i guess because there is this boy that works at the bank and he is just adorable. and whenever i go to the bank, i put makeup on (shameful, i know) just in case he is working. so the other day i was with my sisters and we were going to the bank and so i was telling them about this cute boy that works at the bank and how i love it when he helps me. so we go to the bank and he is there! he helps us and we leave and as we're leaving my sister says in complete seriousness, "well, i guess the cute boy wasn't working today."


maybe i'm a tad more desperate than i thought.


p.s. i'm making chicken pot pie tonight... wish me luck.

Friday, June 10, 2011

sleeping in

dear blog,

normally i am the CHAMPION of sleeping in. i've always preferred being awake at night and sleeping in, and if i am tired enough i can sleep through anything. i've taken naps on gym bleachers while multiple basketball games have been going on. i have slept through massive earthquakes. harriet told me this story that one time i was sleeping over and i was snoring so she tried everything to wake me up, screaming, throwing stuff at me, shaking my body, and i didn't even flinch. and since i've graduated i love staying up late after everyone has gone to bed, and sleeping in after everyone has left. so lovely. but lately, i CANNOT SLEEP IN. everyday this week i have woken up "early" without an alarm. maybe its because i don't have the peaceful house all to myself anymore now that my sisters are out of school. oh well, i don't mind (that much).

in other news, if i were to get a round trip ticket to go to thailand tomorrow it would cost over $3,000 dollars. sure wish i had that kind of money to drop to visit a friend.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


dear blog,

sometimes i hate cleaning.
sometimes i don't.
sometimes i think about blogging, but i can't think of a creative title so i don't.
sometimes i like singing in the car.
sometimes i like dancing in the car.
sometimes i miss my friends a lot a LOT.
sometimes i want my phone to die all the way before i charge it so i play the demo of bejeweled over and over until it uses the whole battery.
sometimes i wish my sisters didn't have any friends so that they would have more time/interest in being my friend.
sometimes i really feel like throwing all my stuff away and organizing. actually, this happens less than sometimes and its happening right now... so imma go do that.

happy wednesday, folks!


p.s. sometimes i want to learn french. and all the time i love this song:

Monday, June 6, 2011

bet you didn't know...but you probly did

dear blog,

i am (a little sorethroat) sick, buuut i have been a BAD blogger-friend as of late and i thought i would share some new goings on/some things you maybe didn't know about me, in the form of a list:

1. my middle sister graduated from high school last week. WHAT?
2. i love garlic, but i'm pretty allergic to it and it makes me SICK.
3. i'm also allergic to bees. and THREE of my neighbors have beehives and it REALLY scares me.
4. i also had a pretty much permanent sinus infection from before middle school until i was 16... yeah i was a nerdy sick kid with glasses and clothes that didn't match. (was? who am i kidding)
5. i played basketball in highschool (go panthers!) and i still love love love to play.
6. when i was growing up my favorite color was lime green.
7. sometimes when i'm babysitting, or with my sisters we watch cheesy kids shows/ movies and i secretly like it.
8. actually, i pretty much like almost every movie that i watch. and i tend to watch a lot of them.
9. i'm a closet science fiction lover.
10. i also LOVE swimming. my mom said that i was always the first in the water and the last one out.
11. buuut i really doNOT like showering.
12. i miss my brother everysingleday. and whenever i write him a letter i cry my little eyes out.
13. actually, i probably cry everyday.
14. i don't like to watch the news even because it makes me cry.
15. i LOVELOVELOVE getting mail. i got a letter from jessica this week! and today, i got a package! lauren sent me a dashboard hula dancer for my car! it. is. awesome.
16. i'm named after my great grandmother who's maiden name was Roche. and my dad who's middle name is Lee. Rochelle Leigh. and all my sibs have twisted family names too.
17. i want to travel to all 50 states and every continent.
18. this list is getting long and i probably think i'm more interesting than i actually am. HA!

happy memorial day last week!