Wednesday, February 6, 2013

two years

dear blog,

the dowd house is buzzing tonight because my baby brother returns home from serving a full-time mission tomorrow & honestly, i'm kind of freaking out! i know that it will be so normal and wonderful, but it also feels weird and scary too. i haven't seen him for two whole years! TWO YEARS IS A LONG TIME! all day i have been thinking back on the person i was two years ago. granted i don't think i've changed tooo much, but 21 year old me seems so so much younger. is 21 year old richie the same? is he sillier? more serious? will he get married soon? will he be as obsessed with my roommates as i am? will he like 23 year old me? will he still love pokemon and disneyland? will he want to come to brian's birthday dinner on saturday? will he still think farting is hilarious and that basketball is the best? will our family dynamic click into place? or will it be awkward?

i genuinely don't know the answers to these questions and it is so weird to me that in the next couple of hours i will. there will be another human that i love right here and i can almost guarantee that these questions will feel so silly because all the answers will be so obvious, but for now, until i can see richie with my own two eyes, i think i'll still be nervous and anxious and excited.