Saturday, November 27, 2010

if you don't like my driving...

dear blog,

today i was driving around running errands with my momma and my sisters and there was tons of holiday shopping traffic. well we were just driving merrily along and this stupid huge truck thing was driving like a crazy person and kind of cut me off, nbd, but i was just like "what the HECK do you think you are doing!?" (because they can hear me, obviously,) and then we were stopped at a red light and i look at their license plate cover and it says "if you don't like my driving... you should see my butt."

needless to say, my day was made.


p.s. what it REALLY said was "if you don't like my driving, you should see me putt," but their car was so dirty that it looked like it said "my butt".

Friday, November 19, 2010


dear blog,

how about i drop out of school right now and become a professional blogger?


buuuuut, thanksgiving canNOT come soon enough.


p.s. harry potter last night: UH-MAZING. also, lola and i made an awesome christmas tree on the wall tonight.
p.p.s. shout out to carmencita-- thanks for the best email ever. sure love you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

will you feel better better better?

dear blog,

i've been kind of a debbie downer lately (in real life), and that's dumb. and i wrote an incredibly negative post yesterday-- a list of things i don't like. who does that? (don't worry, i deleted it.) instead, here is a list of things i DO like.

1. b.n.i.
2. basketball
3. water
4. lists
5. my mother
6. the book of mormon
7. spanish.
8. my phone
9. seeing roy on campus.
10. seeing andrea on campus.
11. seeing blake on campus.
12. seeing anyone i love on campus actually.
13. the number 13.
14. sleepovers.
15. pogs
16. making fun of people.
17. ice.
18. cardigans.
19. isp backpacks.
20. ditching soc 330
21. cuddling with my puppies.
22. long voicemails.
23. being right.
24. finding out good unexpected facts about my friends.
25. wednesday lunch.
26. blogging.
27. my phone.
28. my family
29. successfully using chopsticks.
31. when i'm listening to ingrid michaelson at work and people (boys) pretend like they know who it is, but they are always wrong because they actually have no idea.
32. not shaving my legs.
33. shaving my legs.
34. hugs (but not from everyone, only good/non-awkward hugs from people i like).
35. happy texts.
36. flirt texting.
37. MAIL.
38. getting my hair played with.
39. making new friends.
40. making ugly faces.
41. making ugly faces behind people's backs.
42. hearing my voice and realizing that it's SO ANNOYING, but that people are still my friend.
43. low key dance parties
44. mexico.
45. men's socks.
46. men's clothes.
47. pulling leaves off bushes when i'm walking and playing with them.
48. wearing tights with tennis shoes.
49. dresses.
50. wearing dresses with tennis shoes.
51. waterbottles with flippy lids.
52. getting calls from ellen.
53. that one time my dad texted me.
54. giving harriet wet willies
55. cuddling.
56. yelling at people out the car
57. the color yellow.
58. october.
59. lowecase letters.
60. seattle (and the people i love that live there)
61. when people meet my family
62. meeting my friends' families
63. free anything
64. laughing
65. chuckling
66. giggling
67. snickering
68. hot tamales.
69. linford 5.
70. linford 1.
71. freshmen.
72. black eyes (on other people duh. not like i give them to people i just like them. i think they're cool)
73. comida yucateca
74. bows.
75. christmas.
76. singing REALLY loud.
77. screaming.
78. tights.
79. facebook.
80. candid moments with strangers on campus.
81. staring.
82. taking notes with a pen.
83. and drawing awesome doodles.
84. jesse mccartney/justinbeibs/miley. don't judge.
85. fresh chapstick.
86. twilight woods.
87. being barefoot.
88. realizing that people like you more than you thought.
89. singing songs with lyrics i made up and nickie gets mad.
90. movies.
91. RAIN.
92. snow.
93. sun.
94. wind.
95. casette tapes.
96. harvey.
97. taking pictures and then remembering
98. heritage halls
99. crying.
100. helping people with their homework.
101. laughing by myself.
102. cinnamon cookies.
104. upbeat music
105... and the list goes on...


p.s. this list totally helped (getting un-sick also helped) and i feel A LOT better/less grumpy today.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

potty mouth.

dear blog,

my life's been a little listless the last little while (get it? lacking in lists and listless?) so here's a list that will add a little bit of hilarity to your everyday and mine. (um, this is a teensy bit embarrassing, buuuuut i think that breaking social norms is HILARIOUS (that's not the embarrassing part,) and what BETTER place to do this than in a public bathroom?)

these are some of my favourite ideas of things to do when you're in the public restroom:
1. start singing at the top of your lungs. (any song will do, celine dion preferred)
2. write "more please?" on half a square of toilet paper and pass it under the stall.
3. ask the person in the stall next to you for dating advice.
4. talk on the phone really loudly about something completely inappropriate (like your period cycle or something as if its not weird that you are talking about this in a public place)
5. when most of the stalls are empty, knock on an occupied one and ask for them to hurry up.
6. you and a friend, sit on either side of an occupied stall and have a conversation.
7. knock on the stall next to you, say its an emergency and ask if you can borrow their phone.
8. write other notes on toilet paper and pass them under-- such as "i like your shoes" or "hi, my name is sam, can we be friends?" (i would caution against using your real name).
9. compliment their shoes or socks outloud.
10. put a chair outside of a stall and be sitting there waiting when the occupant comes out.

oh boy, i need to stop because i am laughing too too hard.

it's almost thanksgiving!


p.s. i am not at all brave enough to do any of these, but the idea of doing it makes me laugh just as much.


dear blog,

saturday night was too cold for a bonfire, too lazy for the hot springs, and we got ditched by caleb (so he could go rockclimbing alone: nerd) and eric (who went to velour barf).

so we (ho, lola y yo)...
1. had a low key dance party (pretty standard-- blacklights, hair whipping, the works)
2. parked at 7-11 to watch people and make a list of all possible ideas of things to do (literally ALL-- every idea makes it on the list, no matter how stupid).
3. decided to check B.N.I. off of our fabulous list.

what is b.n.i. you ask?

(it went from a Girl's Night Out to a Girl's Night In to a B.N.I... don't ask, because i do not even know how this happened)

how do you make a b.n.i. you ask?

ingredients include:
wedding treats (i.e. pumpkin cupcakes-- it's a fall themed wedding duh, and bread and cheese)
miscellaneous bridal attire (i.e. veils and garters-- this is not a crucial ingredient, but it does enhance the experience)
one+ bridal magazine (magazines with lots of dresses are the best kind)
one "chick flick" film with bridal plot/wedding scenes (we chose "when in rome" because it was on netflix instant replay)
b.n.i. is best when everyone is wearing their jim jams, candles are lit, and lots of cuddly blankets are involved.
b.n.i. is not for the desperate or lonely (or else it would be pretty depressing)
b.n.i. is only to be shared with best friends.

until the next b.n.i.,

p.s. eric joined us half way through and i quite loved it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


dear blog,

this is my one hundredth post. (thank you, thank you very much)

i was going to write 100 somethings (i.e. 100 things i wanna do before i die, 100 people i really love-- yeah, a stretch i know, 100 things i'm grateful for, you get the point), but every time i tried, it just wasn't working out (hence the reason i haven't posted in AGES).

on a different note, (this has a point, i promise) yesterday was the best. day. EVER.

i woke up to my FIRST alarm (if you only knew how groundbreaking this news is). and i looked pretty cute, let's be serious. becca and i straight-up ditched our (stupid) culture class (yay!) and went to eat unlimited french toast at kneaders. (yummmmm) then mission prep we graded our "celebration" (a nicer way of saying test) and i learned a lot AND i got an A. then my other class was just lovely, (i.e. everyone was jokey and there was no quiz on the reading i didnt do). then harriet and i had our usual wednesday lunch break (sans eric, boo). so we met in the lib and teased malfoy for a bit and then bought samwiches in the cougareat. the cougareat was full, so we sat at a table with a random chick. then we proceeded to be silly and giggle a lot and then we made friends with ashleigh (the girl we were sitting with) and it was just simply delightful. then we walked around the cougareat looking for some people (this was hilarious f.y.i. and eric, you better be sad you missed out). then we decided to go get cupcakes instead of going to class. so we skipped and giggled our way to my car and went to the cocoabean and had some delicious cupcakes and hotchocolate. (also yum). then we came back and visited caleb at work and were just TOO goofy. then i went to work and work was good. and then i babysat davis. and he was so good and went straight to bed and i just had some lovely alone time. then i picked up lauren and we went home and harriet and caleb were there and then we all chilled for a bit and then went to cj's and then went to eric's to watch psych and then we took malfoy home and drove around for a bit talking and thinking about our lovely day. PLUS i got a letter from hermana casebolt AND roy is on the cover of the new era! and today i am wearing a fabulous bedazzled sweater and staff meeting was fun and ho and i had soup for lunch and work was good and harriet's dad took us to zupla's for dinner and we went to the airport to pick up olwen and there were a ton of families waiting for missionaries-- so precious! now i am sitting here with jessica and megan listening to christmas music and laughing and crafting and decorating.

basically, yesterday and today were the best. and nothing even especially spectacular happened. i was just having a happy day with happy events and with people i love to be around.

the POINT of this hundredth post, and of this blog and a big point in my life, i think is that it is the little things that count the most. "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" (alma 37:6) that is the point. the best days are when you feel good and when you get outside of yourself and when you make friends and say hi to strangers. and all those little things add up to equal great things.

much love (times ONE HUNDRED),

p.s. i'm happy.