Saturday, January 30, 2010

oh gosh.

dear idiot boys that sat next to me during statistics yesterday,

tractors are stupid.
and so are you.


p.s. i wish that you realized how inappropriate it is to sit in the middle of the third row of a huge class and watch VIDEOS on your laptop during the lecture.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

oh father

dear blog,

nickie: dad, i have a question about a boy...

dad: he's an idiot... what was your question?

i love my dad.


p.s. did i mention my grandpa turley is engaged??? i'm a little bit weirded out, but it will be good.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


dear blog,

pictures as promised...

p.s. there would probably be more, but only kam brought her camera and it broke half way through.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

californ i a

dear blog,

i spent the long weekend in san diego at the colt's with martha and kamry. seriously, it was so glorious, and it was exactly what i needed.

we left thursday night and drove to hurricane and slept at kamry's grandparents house. they were so cute! then we got up early friday and drove to san bernardino to drop off kam's sister so she could go with her cousins for the weekend. and we got to chula vista around 3 and then we went shopping at this awesome outdoor mall for a bit, dinner at chili's, forever at bestbuy getting the martha's new phones/playing dj hero (which i stink at btw).

saturday we got up super early and went to the san diego temple and did baptisms. it was so beautiful! then we went to this beach in la jolla called "children's pool" because it was built for kids, but then sea lions took over! so there is just this little cove with tons of sea lions that just come ashore and bask in the sun. they were so cute! then we went to a different beach called silverstrand (which i thought was funny because the beach we always went to when we lived in NP is called silverstrand too) and we played on the beach and wave jumped in the ocean. the water was pretty freezing, but it was really fun. then we went home and sat in the hot tub. it was such a beautiful day! then we had burritos at this little mexican food place by their condo. it was soooo goood. and we went shopping again so mj could buy some awesome teal vans (you don't even know how tempted i was to buy some too...) then we came home and watched hp6, but marth and i both fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up till 6:30 the next morning...

sunday we got up and went to stake conference with mom and dad colt and the rest of southern california because it was a broadcast from slc. it was reaaally awesome. then we went and visited kamry's old roommate rachel's family in el cajon. the have a huge yard with a bunch of orange trees so we picked a ton and made fresh orange juice... it was soo good. and we played last word. don't worry, i dominated. i thought it would be awkward, but it was actually really awesome. then we went back to chula vista and had sunday dinner which was fantastic. then we finished harry potter and hot tubbed again. it was really nice and relaxing.

then we got up early monday and left for the journey home. it rained/fogged a bit, but for the most part i think it was a good drive. i slept a lot. we stopped just north of las vegas and we may or may not have been called hoes by some drug dealers. and i also may or may not have given away a water bottle to a homeless person and i may or may not have regretted it when i was thirsty again 10 minutes later.

overall, it was a fantastic weekend.


p.s. happy birthday martin luther king jr!
p.p.s. pictures to come as soon as i get them from kam (i forgot my camera)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


dear blog,
okay, i have a RIDICULOUS story.

so on tuesday night maddie had a basketball game and i took courtney and taylor. the game was actually reaaaaallly intense for a sophomore girls basketball game so, needless to say, there was a lot of yelling and muttering on my part. about half way through the game i was cheering for maddie for making a basket and this old guy that was sitting next to me turns and says, "is that your daughter?"....



but seriously...

at MOST i feel like i could pass for 30 MAYBE. and i think that that is a real big stretch. and on top of that maddie looks old for her age. i am FIVE YEARS OLDER THAN HER.

"yes sir, that is my daughter. i gave birth to her when i was 5 years old."

p.s. here is a recent picture of us.
p.p.s. i told my mom this story and she said, "good grief he must think i'm the great grandma!" hahahahahahaha.

Friday, January 8, 2010

i love campus

dear blog,

we haven't spoken since... LAST YEAR!!!!

okay, okay, cheesy i know, but i always think that joke is funny.

so anyways, the first week of school in the third to last semester of my undergraduate college career is officially completed!

okay, okay, it's nothing particularly special, but i feel like i haven't been this ahead of the game ever. i feel like i am always already behind in school by now, but i have kept up with all my readings and stuff and i am actually LOVING going to class, even though i have class on friday, and even though i have class at nine o'clock IN THE MORNING.

also, this week (despite the physical pains of illness) has been completely beautiful! i abosolutely love running into friends you haven't seen in ages on campus. this is probably one of my most favorite things about BYU. there is nothing better than seeing someone unexpected. i imagine that meeting long lost friends/family once you die will be accompanied by that similar joy and delight.

also, friday was SUCH a beautiful day. sometimes i just can't comprehend the beauty of the mountains. they are so grandiose! i had an hour break between classes and i just sat outside and read and it was heavenly. i even got a sunburn on my face!