Sunday, July 29, 2012

busy bee

dear blog,

a busy busy bee. that's what i've been the last couple of weeks. just buzzing around from work to hive home. which has been tiring, but also i kind of love it. being busy that is. i'm actually allergic to bees.

also...picture update?
don't mind if i do. 
here's what's been happening lately (besides work of course):
scout camp a couple weeks ago.
boys will be boys.
carly teaching aunt willi how to text
driving up the canyon
planning the family reunion
and more planning for the planning reunion
basking in his family reunion glory
watching 4th of july fireworks in the parking lot at buy low
summer nights chatting and giggling
working at the distribution center on saturdays
reading A LOT
kissing... game?
taking oi shopping at savers
there's been lots of malfunctioning phones ergo switching phones and sabotaging phones
this is a picture of our new house!
dancing with nickelodeon at the grove
cuddling with M
becca introduced us to ticket to ride and it's wonderful!
jeffrey had a birthday and this "hat" was our gift to him
visits with this lady don't last long enough
carl stayed with us for the weekend and it's always such a delight
lindsey was in town for the 24th! we went to the owlz game and watched the fireworks afterwards
i need to eliminate some of these...
planking with my ladies

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


dear blog,

so much happened last week i'm not sure where to begin.

i've wanted to write about this stuff for awhile but i didn't want to jinx anything, but everything is pretty much in motion, and now that something's finally happened in my life i can't keep it in any longer!

two things: i got a job and i'm moving out!
two real-life grown-up things!

first, job: a couple weeks ago bonnie (my boss at the distribution center) made me go to see one of the missionary's sisters who also serves as a service missionary at the LDS employment services office. i really didn't want to, but i didn't want bonnie to be disappointed either so i called her and met with her, (gloria is her name and she is adorable,) and she helped me create a profile on the LDS jobs website which at the time felt silly and it took forever. i imagine that website is just like any other job search website where you can find job listings and employers can also see your information and contact you. so last sunday night i was talking with my mom in my room late at night and i just thought to look at the website to see if there were any job openings and i had a message! after mildly freaking out i read it, returned the email, jerry called me on monday and on thursday i started! the company is called enhancing life styles inc. and my position is as an aide for a severely handicapped little boy. his mom works so when he is not at school i watch him, feed him, change him and spend time with him learning sounds and words and songs. i've only just started so i'm not entirely sure what it will always be like, but so far i reallly like it. i can tell that it will be a lot of work and it will take a lot of patience. but i can also tell that it will be rewarding and worthwhile.

second, house: a little while ago jessica and lindsey asked me if i wanted to live with them and amy and normally i would have said "no, thanks." but before i could even think i found myself saying, "heck, yes!" and i immediately felt really good about it so we had been looking around for a place for AGES (we wanted to live in a house with a washer and dryer, reasonable rent, and we were looking for 5 spaces) and we found this house that we thought was ideal but it ended up falling through at the last minute, so last saturday amy was in town from st. g and jessica was in town working so we went to breakfast and afterwards we looked around for a bit and came across this house that we had actually looked at before but the rent was a smidge high and it was painted really obnoxiously bright colors, buuut there were five contracts available for the fall so we called about it and i told her we might be interested, but it wasn't our favorite. so jessica called her monday morning and she was like "i was just about to call and ask what you guys didn't like and see if we could maybe change it." and so it turns out they were willing to bring the rent down AND paint it! (did i mention that becca is going to be my roommate?? DOES IT GET ANY BETTER??)

basically last week was crazy crazy as far as change and progress. two things that i have been super afraid of both kind of fell in my lap and i won't take that for granted. i am so so blessed and so so grateful and also a little bit scared, but that's okay too.

thank you anyone and everyone for your prayers, encouragement and support (so cheesy, but so true!)


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


dear blog,

today a beautiful boy told me, "you're wonderful!" 
and i said, "that's the best compliment i've gotten all day!" 
and he said, "really? people need to start giving you compliments more often." (as if to imply that i am worthy of every compliment ever given.)
and i said MARRY ME NOW. 
and he did. 
and we are living happily ever after. 

the end. 

except in reality he said, "really? people need to start giving you compliments more often."
and i nervously giggled
and blushed
and walked away.

the real end.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

dear blog,

things i hate that other people don't:

inception (the movie)
this song:

p.s. happy independence day yesterday!