Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sweet dreams

dear blog,

the last week has been the CRAZIEST. ever. okay, probably not EVER, but i have been busy busy busy every day from morning until night. and not that it's bad or anything, but i am feeling overwhelmed, and i am exhausted by the change of pace. tomorrow i have ZERO plans until the evening and i fully intend to sleep the morning away.


p.s. happy belated-easter!
p.p.s. uncle brian got married on friday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

come on dowwwwn

dear blog,

yesterday morning i was watching this show:

and there was this 82 (or maybe it was 92, either way she was OLD and ADORABLE) year old lady on the show.  i didn't see the segment where she guessed the right price and won or lost whatever it was, but i did see her spin the big wheel and win a spot to guess for the right price for the showcase. and then the first showcase was a home gym and something else and she passed on that (duh). and then the second show case was a brand-spanking-new iMac desktop computer and a ton of art supplies, a trip for 3 to paris to stay in 5 star hotels and what-not, all expenses paid, AND a new car! SAY WHAT?! and she didn't even blink, or look to the audience or anything and she guessed $34,000. then when they revealed the actual price, it was $34,384!! she was only three hundred dollars away!!!! AMAZING! she was so excited and her husband came up and they were so overwhelmed and adorable, and.... i cried. (yes, like shed actual tears. no, this is not a joke). 


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


dear blog,

when i was a very little girl we had a beagle puppy named annie. i got to name her and annie was my favorite show so i named he after my favorite little red-headed orphan. i don't really remember a lot, but i remember that she barked a lot at night and our neighbors did not like that too much, so my parents gave her to a friend of a friend that lived in hollywood and mom and dad told us that she was going off to be in the movies. whenever i saw a beagle on tv after that i was POSITIVE it was my little orphan annie.

on a different note, my parents bought this car ages ago when i was still in middle school.
(okay, so not this EXACT car but this exact model and color)
i have SO many memories surrounding this beauty. i didn't start driving him regularly until my freshman year at BYU. still unnamed at that point, i was the lucky girl who got to name him. he quickly became affectionately known as sam. sam broke down awhile ago, but (technically) being my parents responsibility, and being beyond help really, sam was permanently parked in our backyard. whenever i looked out my bedroom window, there he was, smiling up at me, a reminder of all of the fun times that we had shared.

but alas, a couple weeks ago my parents sold him to a stranger.

in reality he will probably won't be fixed up and loved as much i loved him, and he will almost certainly be sold for parts, just like annie was almost certainly never in the movies, but some part of me really wants to believe that my favorite car will be fixed up and used lovingly by a well-deserving family. and just like i thought that every beagle in the movies was my annie, every time i see a maroon chrysler town & counrty i most certainly am going to believe that it is my beloved sam.



Thursday, April 7, 2011


dear blog,

remember this? (if you don't then i guess you haven't been paying too much attention to my oh-so-important life because it was the previous post. W).

WELL, it happened AGAIN! only this time it was a nasty nast RAW egg. and i didn't see it until the morning so it was all caked on and sick nasty gross. my first reaction: WHY??? i honestly don't understand why and i feel like i have personally wronged someone, but i don't know how or when or who so how can i possibly make this right? also, i want to know why someone would do something so mean!

as i was driving my daddy to work in my egg-splattered car and as i sobbed like a baby i asked, "what is wrong with me?" he comforted me and he said that he feels bad for the person that would do that because they are the one that has a problem, not me. i have been thinking (and praying) about this all day and i think i have reached a point where i am past being angry. i moved past anger to sadness (i have cried for at least a full hour). and now i just feel so sad for my personal egg vandal. it's just like Jesus says, "love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you." (3 Nephi 12:44/ Matthew 5:44).

so, dear egg vandal, i'm going to try my hardest not to hate you back and today my prayers are for you.


p.s. eggs are quickly becoming my least favorite animal bi-product (watch out, milk). just in time for easter too! (life is so ironic).

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


dear blog,

remember this? WELL, last night someone threw a nasty egg and cheese burrito at my uninhabited, parked car. WHY? honestly, i seriously do NOT understand WHY ON EARTH people do stuff like that? it was SO GROSS! i HATE eggs and there were like scrambled eggs all stuck to my car everywhere and then it got cold last night so when i tried to wipe it off they just spread and it smelled like eggs and my fingers were frozen and it was so miserable!

okay, don't get me wrong. i love me a good (happy/innocent) prank, but this IS NOT HAPPY OR GOOD OR INNOCENT. the whole point of doing pranks is to tease your friends. to see their reaction or to just be fun and silly. i seriously do not understand the point of anonymously throwing a nasty burrito at someone's car. that is just so mean! why are people so mean!??

rant over.


Friday, April 1, 2011

spring spring spring

dear blog,

here's a list. just a list.

1. 90's pop culture is so fascinating to me lately.
2. consequently, i think ER is my new favorite show.
3. it really bothers me when people think they are more culturally adept and understanding and interesting than they actually are.
4. if i didn't like flowers and sneezing so much, i think spring would be utterly miserable.
5. i think i'm going to try to go somewhere this summer. seattle maybe?
6. i couldn't go to friday lunch today (bummer).
7. we haven't had the internet lately. it has really opened my eyes on how dependent i am on it. whenever i have a question about anything the answer is always "look it up online" but with out that instant availability i realize how entitled i normally feel. also, i think its been really good for me to not be glued to a computer screen all day. the number of things i can do daily are greatly limited by the lack of the internet (in a good way though. time-wasting isn't as easy without the internet. and i have to get out of my bed to do anything haha).
8. i miss my brother.
9. gc this weekend. yay!
10. i can't wait for it to be warm enough to go swimming and to eat snowcones. ALMOST.
11. it's april fools day today! maddie told me maverick got hit by a car and changed my phone to spanish. WHAT THE. thinking that your beloved dog is dead is the WORST way to start your day.
12. speaking of maddie, the other day in her sleep she was like "he is so. cute. he is soooo cuuute!!!" hahaha! dream about boys much, creeper?
13. did you know 13 is my favorite/lucky number?

the end.