Thursday, August 26, 2010


dear blog,

you know that feeling that you get the night before you go to disneyland? you know, when you are just restless, on the edge of your seat. sleeping is hard because you are so excited.  and your tummy is full of butterflies. and you feel like you are 5 years old again?

i absolutely LOVE that feeling.

yesterday was my sibs first day of school. it was richies first day of college. and carly's first day as a "highschoooler" (quotation marks meaning that i do not acknowledge the fact that my baby sister is in highschool).

and monday is my last first day of school.

even though its still a couple days away i totally have the jitters. maybe they are contagious because carly the night before last came into my room about 1,000 times showing me every article of clothing and school supply that she has for school. and even my daddy is getting ready for BYU to start with his ward. and i took richie out to lunch yesterday between classes and it was adorable how guardedly nervous he was.

i just love the nervous feeling. the anticipation. i sometimes think that the excitement of before is more exciting than events themselves (most definitely true with school. am i right, or am i right?)


p.s. she & him tonight!
check out this video, i'm in love!

Monday, August 16, 2010

a little lonely

dear blog,

i miss this lady:

and this one..

don't forget this one:

also this woman:

and this one...

this one too...



and this lady too:

also her:

and her... the chica on the left:

and her:

also this woman...

and don't forget...


p.s. i know this is kind of pathetic, but i'm lonely...
p.p.s. shout out to levi and caleb for sticking around and not having lives either :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

home again home again jiggety-jig

dear blog,

this will be a debbie-downer blog post, so if you want to think i have no flaws, stop reading right now...

i've been in washington for the last week and half visiting the grishams and the allens and kam's fam (which was AWESOME).

yesterday i woke up before 7 to catch a bus to wenatchee.
and today we woke up before 7 in order to leave AT 7 to come home.


and i thought it would be a relief to be at home, but i got 1 hug from everyone in my family (excluding nickie and richie who are not even here), a half-hearted welcome from my doggies, and a MESSY ROOM (when maddie got home i don't think our room had ever been so clean). we had too-spicy vegetable soup for dinner with left-over crackers from the young men that tasted like man (not in a good way). my graduation gown is too big and i don't have anything to wear tomorrow. also i am pretty much busy all day tomorrow and friday, i have work all day saturday and then we are throwing blair a baby shower, which we still need to buy/prepare decorations, food and games for. also, my bruised leg hurts and i keep hitting it on things by accident.

on a better note, rumor has it that sister missionaries don't have to wear nylons any more... HALLELUJAH!