Thursday, December 26, 2013


Dear blog,

I know it's been forever but don't be mad, okay!! I don't have the internet at my house which makes consistent blogging pretty much impossible. But for the holiday I'm staying at mom and dad's house and they do have the internet which is glorious.

Anyways, here are the goals I made for 2013:

1. read 35 books (book of mormon included)
2. go to the temple twice a month
3. be nicer (i.e. no more backhanded compliments!)

Did I accomplish them??



I lost count of the books I've read, but if I finish the one I'm reading I think I will be right around 35. I finished the Book of Mormon and started it again (I don't know if that really counts, but I will do better next year!) I went to the temple twice every month (except this month, but I have five more days!) and I definitely have decreased the amount of backhanded compliments I give. I don't know if I can consider myself "nice" yet, but I'm trying!

This was a good year filled with family, new friends, old friends, work work work, weekend trips, hello's and goodbye's, heartache and joy, beginnings and ends. I'm learning that most years will be filled with bits and pieces of all of these things. Mostly though I'm happy and I think that's what matters.

For the next year my goals are:

1. Read 35 books (including 5 classics and the Book of Mormon)
2. Attend the temple twice a month
3. Only eat out once a week TOPS (maybe twice in case of an emergency... or a date)
4. Don't say the word "hate"
5. Be nicer (haha!)
6. Write Nickie two letters every month

Well, blog, good tidings till we meet again.