Tuesday, March 30, 2010

colorado school of mines

dear blog,

my sister nickie is a junior in high school. i guess she is signed up for some college mailing lists because sometimes she gets acceptance letters from the most random colleges. we always tease her about it, but my favorite school she gets letters from is the colorado school of mines.

seriously? why would any teenage girl want to go to that school? oh yeah, i forgot about my childhood dream of marrying a miner.

but she'll always tell us "i got a letter from the colorado school of mines"
i always think she says "colorado school of MIMES."
maddie always thinks she says "colorado school of MINDS."

now THAT is a school i might consider going to.


Monday, March 29, 2010

a colourful saturday

dear blog,

this weekend along with jessica, harriet, lauren, jared and kelsi, i visited the hare krishna temple in spanish fork to participate in their pagan celebration of spring. i guess there was this witch that burned babies and she represents winter, and so at the beginning of spring they burn a witchdoll and throw around colors (the colors are essentially refined corn starch with die and fragrance) to represent the colors of the flowers of spring.
its pretty fun.

the temple:

we parked kinda far, but don't worry, we took a short cut down this hill.

us before:

us after:

jared with a mustache:

me and lauren:

jessica, me, jared. i think that jessica had more fun than anyone there.

me and harry:


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

looooooonggeeeessstttt daaaaayyyyy evvveerrrrrrr

dear blog,

today was the longest day EVER. i woke up and i have been going all day.
(btdubs this post will probably be boring)

i woke up and went to class. then i had lunch with nicole. then i studied for statistics for forever while listening to people play the guitar in the wilk. chatted with colson for a bit (he's ENGAGED!) took statistics. studied for president's of the church. took that test. (p.s. that is two tests right in a row.... it kind of sucked). then i walked to my car and stopped and visited with becca and natalie at work. then i ran into seth-- which was weird. and i told him i was engaged and he believed me... bahahah! then i went to jessicas and scarfed down some angel hair pasta and then went to this stand-up thing she did at the branbury. made some weird new friends. then we went and visited levi, just like old times. then i met up with lanae and we made a special cake and visited harriet and now i am here at harriet's. i just finished my stats hw (which isn't due till friday, yay me!) and now i am writing in my blog.

honestly though? even though today was crazy, i LOVE days like this. because i feel like i was using my time for good every minute. honestly, i didn't waste hardly ANY time. and now i am thoroughly exhausted, but i love that feeling. the feeling of having accomplished so much in one day that you are physically drained. it feels so good.


p.s. when lanae and i were at smith's there was a cart full of flowers with a sign on it that said "MARKDOWD" haha. i think it meant "mark dowN"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

commercial break

dear blog,

so my family likes to watch tv together (go ahead and judge us if you want) but when stupid commercials are on my parents like to put the tv on mute. and lately nickie and i make up our own dialogues. sometimes they are stupid, but sometimes they are HILARIOUS.

tonight i was watching american idol with my mommy and dad and it changed to a commercial and mom is all "rochelle! do that funny thing where you make it up!" bahahah i think that the fact that SHE thought it was that great is even greater than the commercials themselves.

so, mom, dad and i all took turns voicing over the commercials and it was basically the funniest thing that happened to me all day.


p.s. you should try it-- let me know how it goes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

happy thursday

dear blog,

things on my mind today:

i want a shamrock shake.
i bought the shirt i'm wearing for $2.50.
erik comes home in ONE WEEK from TODAY.
it's thursday.
thursday is my favorite day.
the man scraping the wallpaper off at work is named Rodger.
Rodger is my computer's name.
byu just won.
i have a basketball game tonight.
harriet is such a good friend.
i had a really nice time at walmart last night.
yesterday i spent the evening with my grandparents and carl.
it was lovely.
also, it's sunny and beautiful and i'm wearing a skirt and sandals.


p.s. this picture is my desktop at work and i am quite in love with it.

order of dog-pile: brian, me, liv, nickie, rich

Friday, March 12, 2010

Girls night... plus andrew.

dear blog,

my dear friend Carmen is in town for the weekend, and i completely spaced that she was coming until she texted me on wednesday night and was like "i'm here!" and i was like "oh crap!" not because i didn't wan't to see her, but just because i was so busy on wednesday that i didn't have time to do anything to prepare for thursday, and i had a huge writing assignment due thursday night at midnight, and i had work, which was actually super busy, and a creative project due and a review session and a meeting with a study group. phew! just saying all that makes me tired. but by some MIRACLE i got everything i needed to done and even an hour before i had expected! it was seriously sooooo amazing, because i was honestly expecting to not get done and not get to spend time with her.

ANYWAYS... i did get to and it was awesome.
we met up at kamry's place and chatted for a bit.
then we hit up the herm-meister's basketball game
then we all went to fat cat's and bowled three and a half games till it closed. ( & i may or may not have sucked)

it was really fun and good to spend time with carmen and the gang. did i mention that she is PREGNANT!
it is so strange how we were all at the same exact place in life only 2 years ago, but now carmen is having children and marta is getting hitched and becs is heading out on a mission in JULY. and yes, i am graduating in december which is Awesome and it is a really big step in life, but it just feels so far away, and there is a part of me that can't help but feel left behind.

why is that?

its not a big deal. it was still super fun and really nice to just chill and spend time together, and joke around, and bowl, just like old times. it was so so lovely.


p.s. carmen is having a little seth jr.! yay! and here is a pic of us "back in the day"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

lost and found

dear blog,

i must apologize. i have been stuck in a horrible funk lately. i got sick over valentine's day weekend. i ditched school friday, no school monday and i ditched tuesday too. then the next week i skipped some too. i was soooooo out of it. Honestly, i had nooo motivation to do ANYTHING. except maybe sleep and watch shows on hulu.

But, for some miraculous reason, yesterday i found my mojo! woo hoo! i woke up early and i got ready for the day and i went to all my classes. i exercised in the middle of the day with jessica callahan. i ate lunch and studied. i took my 327 test and got a NINETY THREE!!!!!!!! i even got a note on the testing center screen. they told me i was FANTASTIC! haha when i walked down the stairs there was a guy standing there and i looked up and i saw my score and i was like "i got a note!" and the guy gave me a weird/angry look and left. i'm assuming he did NOT get a happy note. then i met up with soon-to-be HERMANA jessica casebolt and we ate sandwiches and picked up lanae and sarah vera and ate delicious cupcakes at the cocoa bean. it was glorious to play and reminisce one last time.

anyways, the point is, i was "gone" and now i'm back!


p.s. i think that the above lack of motivation is a result of the lack of spring break at BYU... just sayin.