Friday, December 16, 2016


Dear blog,

WOW. I have not written in you one time this entire year. Woops! Sorry! Here are some 2016 highlights!

I served as the Mia Maid Advisor.
Went to Disneyland with Lindsey, Brian Aldous and Claire Aldous.
Visited Jessica Callahan in Nashville & the Wellings in Columbus (4 new states! Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio.)
Carter W Cozzens was born-- my very first nephew!!
My Tater tot graduated 6th grade and I finished at Wasatch,
Bought a new car-- 2005 Honda Oddysey (I mean used, but new to me!)
Got a job and moved to Portland, Oregon!
I've had loads of visitors in Portland and it's been the bomb (Fletcher Munksgard from NP haha, Chaela, Becca, Nickie, Richie, Mom & Dad!)

It's been a lovely lovely year.