Friday, August 28, 2009

ma famille

dear blog,

do you know what i just LOOOVE?

when i come home and everyone is just thrilled and excited to see me. (p.s. this is not sarcastic)

yesterday i was in provo all day, (which is pretty much standard lately,) and my brother richie called me and was like
"rochelle, where are you"
and i was like
"in provo..."
and he was like
"come home"
and i was like
and he was like
"because i haven't seen you all week and i miss you."


and i was like
"wait, seriously? you don't need the car or anything"
and he was like
"yeah. i just want to hang out with you."
and i was like
"awwwww! okay i'll be home in an hour-ish"
and he was like
"oh... i have to go to bed then... but i'll wait up! i took a nap today!"
and i was like
"awwwww! okay, see you soon!"
and he was like
"can't wait!"

is that not cutest thing you have ever heard??

and then i came home and everyone was like "rochelle!!" and they came and hugged me and i just felt soooo loved!

and then richie was like "let's go for a drive" and so we were leaving and everyone was like "rochelle, where are you going??!!?"

it just made me feel so good.

it's days like yesterday, that make me happy i go to school so close to home.
it's days like yesterday, that make me so happy to be a part of my family.
it's days like yesterday, that make it worth it to live at home.

happy thursday :)


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Dear blog,

1. sorry i've neglected you.
2. i'm home from mexico.

it's strange being back. although i really wasn't there that long, i feel like i was. i was accustomed to my life there. it feels like it was a dream almost, just because my life here is pretty much the same as before i left.

i'm not the same, though.

i really think i changed a lot. i feel different. i look at the world differently.

anyways, the moral of the story is that my viaje was a amazing. i loved every minute of it. even the bad minutes... like when we missed our bus and had to walk more than an hour home at 1 in the morning. like when i was so utterly exhausted and cut my hand open on the fan in my room. like when it was 100 degrees and 100% humidity ALL THE TIME. like hormigas. like taking bus opcion 1 vs. opcion 2. like almost getting heat stroke (haha). like when every creepy old man in mexico decided that they loved me. and like when everyone i know thought that that was the best thing ever. i loved it all.

what did i learn?

sometimes the best way to be a member missionary is to just listen.
always being an example is so important.
don't be afraid to ask questions.
it is not always about me. (yeah, i have to learn this a lot)
pluuuus... a lot of other more "personal" things.
oh yeah, and spanish :)

here are some (and by some i mean un monton!) photographical highlights from my trip.

me and sarah vera at progreso

me, hilary, ellis, sarah and jessica at the school pool

amigos at katie's birthday

imelda, sarah, me and h at servicio

el grupo at the convent at izamal



icecream at motul
(i look like their mother...)

jorge aka the FAN MAN!

our clase
(we were laughing because my camera self timer made a funny noise)

in a ruin at uxmal... it was creeepy in there.


el templo! que bonito, no?

tacos yum

ice cream at COLON!

jessica and i at la playa in cancuuun!

going into the "dangerous" cenote.

emerging victorious from the dangerous cenote!


ariana! she's so adorable!


where is this... i don't even remember the name.

chichen itza! one of the 7 wonders of the world!

colson awaking from one of his many naps. BAHAHAHA
p.s. my parents are making me real life yucatecan food today, YUMMMMM!