Tuesday, January 25, 2011


dear blog,

i have written (okay, started to write) 4 blog posts and not finished any of them. i feel like since i'm not in school my brain is taking some sort of hiatus and i actually feel less intelligent. i attempted to read a book aka i checked a book out of the public library (three actually, but books 2 & 3 were not even touched.) let's just say that my bookmark only made it to page 8. i am actually embarrassed. also, i find that i am impressed with myself when i think clever things or can contribute to (semi-) intelligent conversation, whereas before i was disappointed whenever i couldn't. i spend my days sleeping, going to basketball games, playing with 2 year olds. even at church i am in the primary the whole time. i'm afraid that i am losing my ability to interact with human beings. i used to be so social and i used to love to go out and meet new people and whatever, and now... okay, today for example. i was early for babysitting and so i found a parking spot and then went to the bookstore and while walking around i ran into 4 or 5 people that i know and now i am just sooo socially drained. WHAT THE?? i talked to FOUR PEOPLE and i am SOCIALLY DRAINED??? WHO AM I??? anyways, its probably just because i spend so much time alone. and the rest of my time is spent with my family or with babies. i am so boring. like, literally i am bored of myself. i try not to think too much because i just get sick of myself. that sounds bad. its not like i hate myself or anything, my life is just so BORING and it's my own dang fault!

in other news, richie goes into the MTC in a EIGHT DAYS!!! i'm kind of freaking out. i had a break-down when my visiting teachers came over, i think i freaked them out. his farewell is on sunday, you are welcome to come!

much love,