Friday, August 28, 2009

ma famille

dear blog,

do you know what i just LOOOVE?

when i come home and everyone is just thrilled and excited to see me. (p.s. this is not sarcastic)

yesterday i was in provo all day, (which is pretty much standard lately,) and my brother richie called me and was like
"rochelle, where are you"
and i was like
"in provo..."
and he was like
"come home"
and i was like
and he was like
"because i haven't seen you all week and i miss you."


and i was like
"wait, seriously? you don't need the car or anything"
and he was like
"yeah. i just want to hang out with you."
and i was like
"awwwww! okay i'll be home in an hour-ish"
and he was like
"oh... i have to go to bed then... but i'll wait up! i took a nap today!"
and i was like
"awwwww! okay, see you soon!"
and he was like
"can't wait!"

is that not cutest thing you have ever heard??

and then i came home and everyone was like "rochelle!!" and they came and hugged me and i just felt soooo loved!

and then richie was like "let's go for a drive" and so we were leaving and everyone was like "rochelle, where are you going??!!?"

it just made me feel so good.

it's days like yesterday, that make me happy i go to school so close to home.
it's days like yesterday, that make me so happy to be a part of my family.
it's days like yesterday, that make it worth it to live at home.

happy thursday :)


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