Thursday, December 10, 2009


dear blog,

why is it that everyone hates the cold and the snow?

(granted, there are definitely downsides, all of which lead to death, but that's not even a big deal)

anyways, i think that it is simply wonderful when it snows.
when the snow covers up EVERYTHING like a blanket, it's so miraculous!
seriously though, everytime it snows, i can't help but think about how amazing it is that something could naturally do that. its SO COOL!

snow is also good because it provides multiple means of free entertainment.
such as:
watching people slip and fall outside
watching people slip and fall inside
watching people wear weird cold-weather attire
snow ball fighting (not on BYU campus of course)
snow man making
snow shoveling (don't even ask me why i like to do this, because i don't even know)
snow angel making
doing donuts
sitting inside and watching the snow fall
watching christmas movies
hot chocolate
seeing your breath outside
seeing your breath inside the car
shattering icicles
kicking the snow off the space between your tires and your breaks
making fresh tracks in warm boots

i mean honestly, the list could continue, but the moral of the story is snow is wonderful, and i think you should deal with it.



  1. Finalmente, somebody agrees with me!

  2. i love kicking the snow off my tire things... it is so satisfying. also, i think snow with dirt in it looks like an oreo blizzard from dairy queen...