Wednesday, February 17, 2010

am i a bad person?

dear blog,

i found out yesterday that my brother did NOT get into BYU. of course, i am mostly disappointed, but there is a part of me that is not.

i mean, seriously? in high school i did all of my homework and projects and studied and volunteered and did clubs and lettered in basketball and did newspaper staff and early morning seminary etc. etc. etc.

and to me it feels like richie does nothing. i mean he does his homework half-heartedly the night before it's due, or should i say MOM does his homework the night before it's due, and he did the whole student council thing (which i do commend him for, because i know he was really dedicated to it and worked really hard,) but i mean come on, student council? i don't even count that as a real thing. i feel like its basically a group of the most "popular" kids in school who plan school-sponsored events for all of the other "popular" kids. and then the rest of the time richie devotes to dating and being "popular."

and, yes, i do feel like a horrible person for thinking this, but like i said, this is only a small part of how i feel (okay, by small, i mean not a majority... let's say 47%).

for the most part though, i am just as disappointed as richie is pretending not to be.


p.s. blog, i hope you don't get the wrong idea, i LOOOOVVVEEEE my brother SO SO SO Much. and it would have been SUPER awesome to go to school with him. BUT it would have only been for one semester, hence i feel less bad about thinking the above thoughts.

p.p.s. here are some of the many faces of richie... he is seriously one of the funniest kids i know... but looks aren't everything :)

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  1. So honestly... I think it's fair. And I know that sounds mean, and I know you think that you sound mean when you say it. But it's not. I would like to think that BYU was an education institution that took the best of the best. The kids that did dedicate themselves to working their butts off to get what they want. You worked your butt off. He didn't. End of story.