Wednesday, August 11, 2010

home again home again jiggety-jig

dear blog,

this will be a debbie-downer blog post, so if you want to think i have no flaws, stop reading right now...

i've been in washington for the last week and half visiting the grishams and the allens and kam's fam (which was AWESOME).

yesterday i woke up before 7 to catch a bus to wenatchee.
and today we woke up before 7 in order to leave AT 7 to come home.


and i thought it would be a relief to be at home, but i got 1 hug from everyone in my family (excluding nickie and richie who are not even here), a half-hearted welcome from my doggies, and a MESSY ROOM (when maddie got home i don't think our room had ever been so clean). we had too-spicy vegetable soup for dinner with left-over crackers from the young men that tasted like man (not in a good way). my graduation gown is too big and i don't have anything to wear tomorrow. also i am pretty much busy all day tomorrow and friday, i have work all day saturday and then we are throwing blair a baby shower, which we still need to buy/prepare decorations, food and games for. also, my bruised leg hurts and i keep hitting it on things by accident.

on a better note, rumor has it that sister missionaries don't have to wear nylons any more... HALLELUJAH!


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