Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Positive Affirmation

Dear blog,

I don't want to say that today was the worst day ever but.... today was the worst day ever. Without going into excruciating detail, let's just say that I cried 8 times before 11 o'clock. But on the way driving from one crisis to another I remembered this video and I started yelling "I'm awesome! I can do it!" and even if the affirmation didn't exactly stop me from feeling like a complete failure, at least the thought of how ridiculous it was for me to be yelling how awesome I am at the top of my lungs to myself brought a smile to my face.

And you know what? Tomorrow is a new day.



  1. So sorry you had a horrible day. You really are awesome! You can do it! I wish I could give you a hug. I hope tomorrow is a fantastic day, hold the tears.

  2. I like your hair! I like your house! I like your car! I like your voice! I like your clothes! I like your voice! I like your glasses!