Wednesday, March 18, 2009

st. patrick's day

dear blog,

today was st. patrick's day.
i slept in green shorts so that nobody could pinch me in the morning.
then i couldn't decide whether to wear every piece of green clothing that i owned, or only wear green underwear.
i decided to go with the green underwear part,
but then i decided i didn't want to show anyone my green bra when the pinched me, so i wore a green barette.

what is the point of this post you ask?
the same point of this holiday....
there is none.

last night i rented "the secret life of bees" from the redbox. it was monday so i got the free rental promo, but then there were people behind me in line, so i got distracted and forgot to enter the free code.
but anyways, i really loved the movie. i would say it was definitely worth the $1 i spent on renting it. i cried, and i would recommend it/ watch it again with you.
there is something about bees that i find so interesting and mysterious. i think that might partially be due to the fact that i am --supposedly-- severely allergic to bees. but, they are so cute and available. but then they sting you. and it hurts. and they have a whole secret mysterious life that goes on inside of the hive.
i think its just fascinating to think about.


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