Sunday, March 8, 2009

i (insert name here) solemnly swear...

dear readers,

Hello. i doubt there are really very many people reading this, so this "letter" is probably just another block of text sent out into the deep dark abyss that is the internet-- but whatever. If you are reading this, i apologize. i am officially the worst blogger... ever. every blog that i follow has their own style. their own types of stories that they write about. its fun, its entertaining, its refreshing. (not to mention its updated almost daily.) their blog is a peek into who they are. it is a glimpse of their life and personality. i feel like up to this point, my blog has been anything but that. i have just written lists -- granted, i love a good list-- but, a list of what i did over the weekend is not a true glimpse into who i am. it is not, by any means, a representation of the essence of rochelle. so, my dear readers, from now on, i am going to have my own blog style. i am going to write my own stories. i am not going to leave my blog post-less for months at a time. this, my friends, is my promise to be the best blogger i can be.



  1. amen!
    i am ready for the essence of rochelle

  2. Thank Heavens. I've been waiting for a Rochelle post...