Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new record

dearest blog,

i noticed that in the last year i have not posted more than five times in one month. GOAL: post more than five in a month before the end of the year. yay!

basically i have a bunch of random happy thoughts. ready?

maddie got a yw handout with that quote by eleanor roosevelt "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent" but courtney read it and wrote in expo marker on our mirror "no one can infuriate you without your consent" and every time i read it i giggle.

sunday night we had sunday dinner at amy's house and court was talking about how she's learning all sorts of American history in school. she started to say the preamble, and every single member of my family broke out into song singing the school house rock preamble song and it was just like out of a musical and it was basically the best thing EVER. and no one even stopped until it was over. and there may or may not have been dance moves and harmonizing involved.

today just around campus i saw a million people i know. (smile!)

humor u auditions and jessica callahan ROCKED IT.

i got a letter from ben this week!

1. a sleepover on friday and 2. driving home from a sleepover... we were flirting with these cowboys in the next car and then they MOONED us. (p.s. this is NOT happy, but it was funny even though i am scarred)

new moon premiere tomorrow with some of my favorite ladies! (don't be hating because i like "twilight: the saga")

tomorrow is my last day of classes for ELEVEN DAYS! plus, i have all sorts of reunion plans this weekend and i am super excited!

love love love,

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