Wednesday, November 11, 2009

driving miss daisy

dear blog,

sorry it's been a little while since i've written.

it's probably because nothing exciting happens to me lately. or if it does, i don't feel like sharing it with the internet, BUT, the following is an account that is sharable.

let's start with a beautiful picture of a '93 buick century, which is in fact the car that i drive lately:
so... the other day, October 22, the day before my birthday, to be precise, i had an intramural soccer game. nothing too great. actually, the other team forfeitted, so we were just playing for "fun," but in reality it was not fun at all. they were really ruthless and mean. and i was the goalie like always, and i'm pretty sure they scored 800 goals on me, and that does NOTHING for a girl's self-esteem. so after the game finished i was supposed to go out with mckenzie and friends for birthday dessert and fun, but i really was just NOT in the mood. i was gross and grouchy and jessica didn't feel good, so after hanging around and talking to colson for a bit (who was there to scout out girls for his co-ed winter soccer team--RIDIC) we decided that we would just go see harry potter at the dollar movie and we left.

we were going down bulldog heading west. we were almost to university and i was going to turn right, but there was a super long line of cars waiting to turn right and no one in the other lanes, so i decided i would go straight instead. the light was green so i was just truckin along and someone from the line of cars stopped to let a lady from the panda parking lot out. so, as i was going, jessica starts yelling "watch out!!" and i didn't even see this lady until it was too late!

it was so weird how life just moved in slow motion.
it was totally surreal.

i slammed on my breaks, but it was too late. she pulled out into my lane and SLAM right into the front right side of my car. it was kind of funny actually. i didn't really know how to react. i just pulled into the panda parking lot and had jessica call the police.

the funny part was that my car only has a scratch on the side and she broke my blinker light, but thats all. and she was stuck in the middle of the road until the policeman came and her entire front bumper came off! ha! i feel like being "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!" but then, i feel really bad for her! if i was in an accident that I caused, i would be SO embarrassed! especially since she was like... old. anyways, jessica and i just stood in the parking lot for an hour filling out paperwork and waiting. it was actually kind of fun! i can't even explain to you why, but it was. it was so weird. and my car still totally works and everything! when we were leaving, i asked the police if i was going to get a ticket and he said no, and i asked if she was and he said no, because she said it wasn't her fault!!! WHAT?! whatever.

that was exciting enough right?

when stuff like this happens it makes me feel like a real adult dealing with real life problems. and to think it happened while i was still nineteen!! HA


p.s. her insurance called and told me they got the police report saying its her fault, and that they want to pay for the damages to MY car! yay!