Friday, January 8, 2010

i love campus

dear blog,

we haven't spoken since... LAST YEAR!!!!

okay, okay, cheesy i know, but i always think that joke is funny.

so anyways, the first week of school in the third to last semester of my undergraduate college career is officially completed!

okay, okay, it's nothing particularly special, but i feel like i haven't been this ahead of the game ever. i feel like i am always already behind in school by now, but i have kept up with all my readings and stuff and i am actually LOVING going to class, even though i have class on friday, and even though i have class at nine o'clock IN THE MORNING.

also, this week (despite the physical pains of illness) has been completely beautiful! i abosolutely love running into friends you haven't seen in ages on campus. this is probably one of my most favorite things about BYU. there is nothing better than seeing someone unexpected. i imagine that meeting long lost friends/family once you die will be accompanied by that similar joy and delight.

also, friday was SUCH a beautiful day. sometimes i just can't comprehend the beauty of the mountains. they are so grandiose! i had an hour break between classes and i just sat outside and read and it was heavenly. i even got a sunburn on my face!


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  1. Friday was probably so beautiful because I came down!! And may I just add that I am always amazed at just how beautiful a campus we have. I mean come on, our buildings and landscaping and the cleanliness of's wonderful.