Tuesday, July 27, 2010

6: jessica callahan

dear blog,

meet jessica:
she is so beautiful!

i met jessica the summer i was a CA in helaman halls. that summer was a tough one for me, and at the start of the summer i wanted nothing to do with any of my co-workers, but one night i fell asleep in jessica's room and wouldn't wake up and ever since then we've been best friends (well, we were pseudo best friends at first until we had a dtr). jessica and i are kindred spirits. we are randomly from the same place (pretty much) in CA, and have the same taste in music, movies & clothes (for the most part), not to mention we pass ourselves off as sisters ALLTHETIME. but i feel like even if we didn't have so much in common i would still love jessica.

for starters, jessica is hilarious. my dad says that anyone can be silly, but it takes someone really smart to be truly funny, and jessica certainly is smart AND funny. i love how jessica can make everyone laugh. another thing that i really admire about jessica is that she has this unifying quality. i don't really know what it is, but jessica has a gift where she can be a part of any group and that group automatically unifies. like she is the icebreaker, or something. i don't know, but i love it, and i wish i could be more like that. also, jessica is a very loyal friend. when jessica enters into a friendship, there is a silent understanding that it is for life. i LOVE that. i feel like most people take their friendships for granted, but jessica is the best at loving and appreciating her friends. i can talk to jessica about ANYTHING and she is always understanding. also, jessica is really eccentric. she is interesting. she is unique. and what i love most about jessica, and what most people probably don't know (and maybe she'll be mad at me for saying this), is that she has been through A LOT. i know few young people who have been through as many trials in their lifetime as jessica, and have lived to tell the tale. but jessica has been through so much and is not only surviving but thriving. she has learned from them and become a strong beautiful woman despite all of the stuff that's happened to her. i love jessica like a sister & am SO LUCKY to have her as a friend.

us at the festival of colors:

us with beca... i think this was my birthday:

sleepoverrr with the other CA's:

haha "toga" party/olympics:

us being weird at rock canyon park:

slip and sliding in the sprinklers funnn:


p.s. you should read jessica's blog because she is also a very talented blogger.