Monday, July 18, 2011


dear blog,

sorry i've been neglecting you. (surprise surprise) buuuut i've been pretty busy doing other things... jessica suggested i should make a list, well, here is a list of stuff i've been doing BESIDES blogging:

1. pinterest
2. watching lost
3-7 harry potter marathon & other harry potter related activities
8. babysitting
9. researching wedding stuff... did i mention HARRIET IS ENGAGED?
10. playing badminton (and losing) (btdubs i was pretty sure it was "badmitton" but the computer seems to disagree. i was also pretty sure that the shuttlecock was called a "birdie" but the directions and the Brits also seem to disagree)
11. playing phase 10/ other card games
12. cuddling my dogs
13. pinterest (don't judge me, okay?)
14. reading books... yes i did one constructive thing. actually 3 because i read 3 books. say wha?
15. riding the ski lift at sundance (during a full moon, no less)

yep, i'm pretty sure that's all. but that's some pretty time consuming stuff (sorry blog) and i will be staying at my cousins for the rest of the week getting a taste of parenting 5 young children. wish me luck! (but seriously, imma need all the luck i can get).

nice to talk to you blog.


p.s. i'm currently watching lost/ i think about it A LOT and i'm pretty sure that when i started writing this that that was what i was going to talk about buuuut, i got a little side-tracked. W

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