Monday, August 15, 2011

apple pie

dear blog,

i watched a couple of episodes of "mad men" the other day and so i was feeling very 1960's housewife and i thought i would make an apple pie from scratch. this was weird because 1. i made it for jessica's summer solstice party and i didn't need to make something nearly as involved as a double-crust pie (its WAY more involved than it looks) and 2. i don't even really like pie. buuut nevertheless, i made it. i used this recipe and i cooked it for the minimum amount of time because i was running late, but i definitely would have cooked it longer because the apples were pretty underdone. but, it looked BEAUTIFUL:

 i would definitely recommend a warm slice a la mode. yummmy (i think pie is growing on me...)


p.s. ariel took loads of pictures at jessica's lovely summer solstice party and she happened to capture this lovely moment in time:

i literally canNOT stop laughing everytime i look at this picture...

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  1. A. I did not think the apples were undercooked.
    B. I love that picture of the two of you! Marie looks possessed!