Thursday, August 4, 2011

old lady

dear blog,

i sort of feel like an old lady today because:

1. my friends fiance asked me for a ride to work like you would ask an older family friend or an aunt or something (touching, but nevertheless it made me feel old).
2. my sisters' friend has been hanging around with us and i am 10 years older than her.
3. i have to take off my glasses to read or look at the computer.
4. i make an excellent pie crust (i feel like this is something only grandmas are good at).
5. my weekend plans are to finish my library book, and finish watching "my fair lady" and "the kennedys"
6. boston calls my sisters carly, maddie and nicole with the glasses, and he calls me "sister dowd".
7. i got 3 pieces of mail today. all of which were wedding related. plus there are currently TEN wedding announcements on my fridge for weddings that will take place in the next 3 weeks. WHAT? (this does not make me feel old, i just thought i'd throw it in there to see if you were paying attention).


p.s. if you've never watched prison break, DO IT.

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