Monday, October 24, 2011


dear blog,

i turned 22 years old yesterday. i think normally on my birthday i either feel older or younger than the amount of years under my belt, but today i feel just about my age. here are 22 goals i have for my 22nd year:

1. read 10 books.
2. purge my belongings.
3. get a manicure.
4. go to the beach.
5. turn in my mission papers.
6. get a mission call.
7. go to a concert.
8. throw an awesome party (not including my birthday party this week).
9. be more selfless.
10. travel somewhere i have never been.
11. meet at least 22 new people.
12. reupholster something.
13. lose 50 lbs.
14. be nicer to my sisters.
15. go to a midnight premiere.
16. sew something excellent.
17. wear full-on make up everyday for one month.
18. be more gracious.
19. craft something once a month.
20. finish a rubix cube.
21. brush up on my piano skills.
22. cook a 3 course meal by myself.


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