Sunday, November 20, 2011

as of late

dear blog,

nothing too exciting has been happening these days so... i'm just gonna ramble for a bit. k?

i got pulled over last night and i was HORRIFIED. because every time i've gotten pulled over the officers were really mean and they tried to give me a ticket. but last night that was not the case! he just pulled me over to let me know the car had a headlight out and he was just a sweet, kind old man and it was one of those experiences that restores my faith in humankind. he even was joking around with me and told me to just take care of it whenever i could. i cried as i drove away-- happy tears for once. such a beautiful experience!

jessica's 23rd birthday is on tuesday and she just had a beatnik birthday bash. it was such a brilliant idea! we all dressed up as beatniks and read poetry and ate fondue. i had so much fun... except i kind of get stage fright so i felt a little weird standing up in front of everyone to read, but in the end it was worth it!
 maddie and carly are both on the basketball team this year. the season just barely started, so i will be going to loads of games starting next month.

i've started making christmas presents for everyone. i started off with the idea that i would make the same thing for all my family and friend buuuuut... i think i'm going to change my mind. (yes, this is cryptic, because yes, some readers of this blog will be receiving said creations and i don't want to spoil the surprise!)

nickie, nickie's roommates, ally, carly, harriet, scott and i all went to go see the latest twilight movie when it came out on thursday night. WEIRDEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. i tend to like science-fictiony/fantasy type stuff, but this was just...strange. and... just read this article.

i've discovered what a podcast is! more like lauren taught me what a podcast is and told me how to download one. prettttty awesome.

i thought i got a job this week... but it turns out it didn't really work out. which is sad, because it sounded ideal, but que sera.

i started sleeping with an extra blanket and i canNOT wait to go to bed because this extra blanket has changed my life. i don't think i have ever slept more comfortably.

we sent richie a package through the mail with a paper christmas tree that chris thurman and carly and maddie and i made and a stocking that my mom made with a missionary on it (both of these items are so much cooler than they sound.) also, candy. i'm so excited for him to get it! and i'm so excited that we get to talk to him on christmas!

well, happy thanksgiving this week!

love love love,

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  1. I've only been pulled over once and it did not go as well as yours did. My tears were not happy ones haha.

    So up until a couple days ago I was super excited for the new Twilight movie. I don't really know why. Maybe it's because this one was my favorite book. But I read a review yesterday and I read the beginning of the review you posted and now I am not as excited. I mean, I am still excited because I am seeing it with Laura (we're seeing it next Saturday and we've had it planned for like a month), but I just know I'm going to be disappointed. Although I really shouldn't be since all the movies have pretty much sucked.

    Well anyway, this comment is turning into its own post so I'm going to stop. We should talk soon!