Monday, November 28, 2011

giving thanks.

dear blog,

so i intended to write a timely thanksgiving post, but i guess i was too busy being stressed out and grumpy to do it. plus, i have been a little too obsessed with christmas (i mean, who can blame me) but today i have been a royal grinch all day. i'm not entirely sure why i have been so angry the last couple of days (no, IT IS NOT PMS... well, maybe it is, but i really don't think it is.) anyways, i was thinking about it and thanksgiving really is a blessed holiday and a wonderful reminder to be grateful for all of the blessings in my life. and a reminder that for everything that i maybe think i am lacking, i really do have a million other things to be grateful for. so, here is a list (in picture form, because i am just not feeling very articulate right now) of what i am thankful for.

happy belated thanksgiving.


  1. that is the COOLEST picture of your car EVER. this is one of the best blogs you have done, EVER. thanks for being my friend, forEVER.

  2. haha - the one with you standing outside the HILARIOUS!

  3. omg i love these! and i love you! also, since i am driving with my mom to colorado and we are caravaning with my sis and her bf, i probably won't get to stop by and see you, but i'm only going to be living 470 miles away ( looked it up) ...that's not that far right...??