Monday, June 25, 2012

aspen grove

dear blog,

nickie is working as a camp counselor up at aspen grove for the summer. the last year while nickie was "away" at school we somehow got a lot closer and having her really away up in the mountains has been rough. i miss her a lot! and when i get to see her for 10 hours on the weekend she's tired and just wants to relax (and sometimes see her friends,) which is 100% understandable. but on thursday maddie and i went up and spent the evening with her up there. it was heavenly! we got to see where she works and hold some babies, we got to eat dinner with her-- cafeteria style, she showed us all around, she bought us ice cream and introduced us to her friends. plus we got to see the closing show for the camp and go to the dance with all the campers/counselors. it was so fun to spend some quality time with her and it was amazing to see her in her element. nickie has grown so much as a person the last year and i am so blessed that i get to be her sister!
i wish carly could have come, but it was still a blast!


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