Wednesday, June 27, 2012


dear blog,

here's some proof that i do more than sleep and blog:
did i blog about this? becca and i threw a 50's inspired bbq the other day.
carly, lauren and lindsey
best dressed
best friends
jeff's blown away by me
because she needs the extra inches of height
classically ghetto cactus shirt i found in the back of my dresser
provo at sunset
this is a little piggy bank that belonged to aunt jo. so cute!
maddie and i made this spanish tortilla- yum!
i was on campus and some lady gave me these for free!
father's day was super fun. but carly was at burn camp :(
my feet were swollen for 3 or 4 days and then they stopped...
word to the wise, webMD will not ease your mind.
we got cherries and apricots and honey and squash from our neighbors' yards. 
carl's excited for the family reunion by far.
jamie paid me to hold ellie so she could prep these lovely flowers
(btw holding ellie is payment enough.)
just chilling playing catchphrase
jeff needs a haircut.


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  1. i want that shirt you found in your drawer........