Monday, October 29, 2012

golden birthday week

dear blog

last week was my 23rd & golden birthday. on saturday lauren and i had a golden birthday party in my backyard. all week my roommates spoiled me with coconut treats, awesome casette tapes, a wall papered with my face, 23 goldfish, lots of presents & surprise guests. my mommy & dad made me birthday cake, chicken pot pie & coconut brownies. stu wrote me a song. b unit played blackbird for me. jeff played the ukulele for me. lauren gave me bossypants and lotion and hot tamales. geoff got me a candle. louis sang to me, too. maddie surprised me! richie emailed me. nickie was SO good to me & got me an awesome apron. harriet visited me on my birthday and brought me cookies. my visisting teachers gave me a treat and some nail polish. jessica and blake took me to lunch. janae took me to lunch too. nickie took me to lunch too! bonnie & kathy gave me the sweetest card and a giftcard to the bookstore. even m's bus driver & aide gave me a bookmark! i was showered with love and compliments. it was a really stressful week, but everyone was so good to me and i survived to my 23rd year!

thank you for all the birthday loving!
i'm so grateful for all my friend and family & especially for my mom & dad because without them i wouldn't even have a birthday!


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