Monday, December 15, 2008

my own personal "sisterhood"

one of my besties carmen is getting married on saturday. this weekend we had a "bachelorette" party of sorts for her. it was more of a girls night than anything, but nevertheless it was fun. carmen came over the other day and expressed her concern that we would stop being friends. she was worried that after she left we would forget about her. that after she got married that she would change, and we wouldn't all get along so well anymore. i thought about it a lot, and granted she will change. but so will we. everyone changes. everything is always changing. i had a brilliant epiphany that friendship isn't so much having something in common with someone else. true friendship isn't just playing with someone and laughing because they are funny. true, genuine friendship is first getting to know someone, and then learning to really care about them. its learning to love them no matter what. its not caring if their married, or on their mission, or studying abroad. its being there for them when/if they need you.

true friendship is beautiful.

well carm baby i think i can say that we are true friends.

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  1. Oh my gosh Rochelle! That's my sister :) I had no idea you had a blog and that you had blogged about her. I sure miss her.