Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the end of 2008 was oh so great.

memorable things from break:

1. frolicking around temple square wrapped in blankets with nickie and maddie.

2. seeing a couple get engaged! pure bliss!

3. sleepover in my kitchen with mis hermanas.

4. 3 feet of snow!

5. shopping at target while talking in an accent the. whole. time.

6. getting stuck in the snow at 1:30 a.m.

7. two words: elf yourself.

8. richie's birthday dinner.

9. wendy is my best friend.

10. warehouse working.

11. cooking with mom.

12. city of ember.

13. grandpa's birthday fiesta.

14. letter party with jessica.

15. tucanos with the colts!

16. being an angel in the primary nativity.

17. truth or truth.

18. snuggling/accidental sleepover with marty.

19. dreamgirls at fred's.

20. cuddling my dogs. mmmm.

21. cheesecake making.

22. wedding dress shopping for blair.

23. physical science book for SEVEN DOLLARS and fifty cents.

... i think thats all. i really did have fun i guess :)

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