Friday, May 15, 2009

what do women want?

dear blog,

tonight i went to levi's "house" and watched "what women want."
first of all, that title has a lot of w's-- kudos.
secondly, i found myself thinking the entire time about how i actually am a woman, and i don't even know what i want. plus, on a regular basis, i get frustrated by other females in my life, who also are confused by what they actually want. the fact that they (meaning movie makers) thought that they could channel womankind's disires at all, let alone into one man in such a short amount of time, for some reason, just really bugged me. i hate it when people try to understand un-understandable things. especially when people think they can understand me, and i don't even understand myself. who do they think they are anyways. i think what bugs me about it is that they are usually right.

oh well.

on a more positive note, mel gibson is pretty cute though, yeah?

p.s. blog, i'm pretty sure i am back to myself, i mean, i still am disappointed, but i don't cry everyday anymore, and i am happy, (well, as happy as can be expected)... yay me.


  1. you're awesome. will you hang out at my house when my house is in heritage halls again?

  2. rochelle says stop stalking me. and probably. im working in heritage halls in the fall, at the desk.