Thursday, June 11, 2009

betty jean

Dear grandma,

you died.
last week.

you had been sick for quite a long time with just about every ailment you could think of. last summer when you almost died, and it was so dreadful! but this time, it was not really dreadful at all. it was so interesting. the whole time we were with her in the hospital with you, and even after you passed, i have never really felt anxious. obviously, i have felt sad that you won't be around for the rest of my mortal life, but i feel like this has been an opportunity to grow closer to my family more than anything. there were so many tender moments in the hospital of husband comforting wife, sibling comforting sibling, child comforting parent. it was so special! i honestly wouldn't trade the experience of being there for that for anything.

anyways, grandma you are a magnificent woman. i love how you would always tell us stories and tell us how wonderful we are and you always made me feel so good!

grandma, just know that i am so grateful for your wonderful example and i hope that one day i can be as virtuous and worthy as you were in your earthly life.

i love you grandma!

your favorite granddaughter
p.s. grandma, i miss you already!


  1. So sweet! Grandma's are so special and I'm glad you got to be there with her and that it was such a good experience.