Monday, October 26, 2009


dear blog,

so.... i am officially twenty years of age. my birthday was on friday. part of me is kind of weirded out that i have been alive for two entire DECADES. but, then another part of me already feels like i am way older than twenty anyways. it's not like there is anything i can do about it either way though. aging is part of life.

anyways, here are some highlites:

1. ingrid michaelson concert with jessica callahan last week (here are more details)
2. sweet birthday card and CD from kam and mar
3. peanutbutterchocolate goodness in staff meeting.
4. car accident.
5. funfetti cake and sweet yellow balloon from harriet
6. card, cake and flowers from becs
7. lunch at carrabba's with lauren and ho
8. sleepover and jessica casebolt, lanae and sarah. including...
9. pazooki YUM
10. hugs from random boys in king henry haha
11. sweet handheld fan
12. dinner with kelsi, martha, ali, kamry and boys at red robin
13. coconut cupcakes from mommy yummmy
14. yummy pasta dinner
15. candy board from carly
16. clothes and shoes from everyone
17. 100 notifications on facebook/phone calls/texts
18. cards in the mail from both grandparents and carl

overall i would say i'm pretty spoiled :)

anyways... my birthday really was happy.


p.s. i personally know 9 people with an october 23rd birthday... crazy huh?!


  1. Feliz Cumpleanyos toots! Make that 101!

  2. Hey I'm a libra too! My birthday was on the 17th though, not the 23rd. Happy late b-day! (102).