Friday, October 22, 2010

pumpkin & spice and everything nice

dearest bloggity blog,

two things:
but seriously, i don't think you know how excited i am.
(buuuut, i'm still trying not to get my hopes TOO high up AND we have A LOT to do before party time can commence)

2. tonight me and my posse (did i really just use that word?) had a pumpkin carving FIESTA.
seriously? it was so fabulous.
we took the table out of the kitchen and covered the floor in newspaper and all sat around on the floor and carved and chatted and chatted and carved.
and laughed.
i love my friends
and i love that they love eachother.
the pumpkins turned out SO GOOD! harriet and lola made faces. eric wrote "happy halloween" in chinese, caleb made hagrid--gangster status, richie made his spirit animal (don't ask), brooks made a nike design (that took the ENTIRE night...ADD anyone?), i made a flower garden (roy was late so he carved a fabulous sun on the back side of my punkin) (pictures to come).
then we baked the seeds and there were DELISH.
sigh. it was so wonderful.

not to mention i think i ACED my complex organizations test today, AND we saw grace at costa vida!
tomorrow is going to be SO INSANE. i have another test, work, and then prepping for our awesome dance party. wish me luck!

love love love,

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