Friday, October 15, 2010

campaign for real beauty: some things i like about myself.

dear blog,

they are doing a campaign for real beauty at BYU this week. my friend jessica is participating and i think megan is too. one of the "challenges" was to write about the following prompt and jessica did and i really liked it. i have 45 minutes before my next class, and no last minute hw to do so i figured i'd give it a try.

Prompt: Make a list of 10 positive things you like about yourself that have nothing to do with your appearance- and 10 positive things you like about your appearance. Was it easier to come up with things you like about yourself or things about your appearance?

1. i like that i know a lot of people and get along with most anyone.
2. i like that i can be crazy and quirky and also semi-serious, but not super serious. i like that.
3. i like that i can be friends with people of any age.
4. i like that i am conscientious.
5. i like that i didn't need to spell check conscientious.
6. i like that i can form my own opinions about things.
7. i like that (most) people feel comfortable around me.
8. i like that i am flirty (sometimes).
9. i like that i don't take myself or anyone too seriously.
10. i like that i can see beauty in everyday.

1. i love my hair.
2. i like my smile.
3. i like the freckles on the back of my hands.
4. i like that when i get a sunburn it turns into a tan the next day. (except that one time in mexico when i got burned so badly my shoulders blistered).
5. i like that i am tall.
6. i like that i don't have to shower everyday. (as in i don't get super greasy hair or B.O...i don't think...)
7. i like the way i dress.
8. i like my boobs. (am i allowed to say that?)
9. i'm learning to like my double chin.
10. i like my eyes, especially when i smile or cry.

it was definitely easier to come up with things that i like about my personality. when it comes to outward, physical beauty, i generally like the way i look, but i definitely do not think that i am the most beautiful person. i have flaws, physical and otherwise. i also tend to place more import on inward rather than outward beauty. when i like boys its usually because they make me laugh or i think they are super nice, not because they have a rockin bod. i feel the same way about myself. yes, i try to be cute and i don't like to feel ugly, but when i look at myself its the inner beauty that i prize over the outer beauty.


p.s. it's been kind of picture light the last couple posts. here's one just for you.
p.p.s. off to CA for the weekend! olivia's getting baptized! YAY!!!!


  1. I love you. I really do.

    And that picture of you is splendid.


  2. i just wanna say... i like your boobs too ;)

  3. Is that your picture for your mission papers? It's so cute!

  4. I love all those things about you too. Well, I feel weird saying I like your boobs, but you know what I mean. You are awesome, and I truly think you have real beauty. I do, I do.

  5. This is Jessica Casebolt's sister - I really liked this blog post and I'm sure jessica would like it too. Just sayin' hi.