Saturday, October 30, 2010


dear blog,

tomorrow is halloween.

yesterday we were old ladies.
today i am a french lady? maybe. i'm not sure.

my grampa got married this morning. it was lovely. and i made A LOT of slushy punch.
i love my family.
so much.
(by family i mean family family and my "crew" (as labeled by malfoy)).

happy halloween!


p.s. we went to TWO haunted houses last night! i was so proud of myself! the first one was just plain HILARIOUS (seriously, i laughed the ENTIRE time) and the second was AWESOME. my throat hurt after from screaming, lauren held my sweater the whole time, and caleb got so scared that he cried (okay, that's not true, but he did get so startled that he jumped backwards and knocked over a wall).

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  1. Were you all in character as well? Don't old ladies go around saying anything they want? I can't wait to be an old lady.