Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ch ch ch ch changes

dear blog,

you know those times when you change, but it happens so gradually that you don't even notice, and then one day, BAM, your outlook, your attitude and everything is different? i feel that way today. i feel like i don't know what is specifically different today, but if i do a little rewind, i can see how my life has shifted a little bit in the last little while. nothing super crazy or outrageous has happened i guess. but, for some reason i feel like my mind has been opened and i am ready to make some changes in my life. for the first time i feel like i am accepting the fact that one possible life-road is closed for construction, and i need to shift around my options and make changes, take a detour if you will, instead of just waiting around. i have so many options of what i can be doing with my life right now, so many wonderful, enjoyable, productive options and instead what i have been doing is (mostly) NOTHING.

here's to being open to change.



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