Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a rainy evening drive

dear blog,

driving home from provo tonight was absolutely heavenly. it was raining the perfect amount. the roads were empty and wet. i love when the roads are wet at night. it looks and feels like i am driving on water. and all of the street lights and stop lights all reflects off of the road and it is one of the most beautiful sights. (plus if i take my glasses off if i'm stopped at a red light, all the lights blur together and it is so beautiful!) and tonight i was driving in my cozy little car listening to my very own carpenter's tape (it came in the mail today!) wearing my comfy cozy jim jams, singing and smiling all to myself.

[found here]
i wish that more days ended this way. and i sure hope that in heaven i can drive in the middle of the night on reflective roads all by myself.


p.s. i gained a follower! welcome 18th follower.
p.p.s. check out this psychedelic video. SHE IS SO TALENTED.

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